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  1. Thanks creeky I will look for some. I am sure it is better than WD-40. THANKS AGAIN RICK
  2. No one ever jack up one of these spark plug boots? Am I the first:crazy:. I will check back.
  3. Thank you both for the replies. I forgot to tell you it is in the third position and the pilot screw is out almost two turns out. I did notice when i turn the pilot screw and it had the most snap on the bottom I was starting to get some popping out of the exhuast so I settled on a mix on least poping but still good power. I am no jetting expert as you can tell and most of what I have learned about it is from this forum. Thanks again, anymore opinions would be welcomed but if not i will start going down some on the main and readjust everything. RICK
  4. 03 XR650R I bought this bike used last fall but it still had the rubber nipples on the tires and no sign of wear on the cases and no dirt underneath the bike or under the plastic at all so it is pretty much like new. When i got it home i had it uncorked. I put in the HRC exhaust tip and removed the things out of the air box. I had the dealer put in the carb manifold, carb needle and seat B53E 16012-MBN-641, MAIN JET #175 99101-357-1750, PILOT JET 68S 99105-MBN-0680. I am in Ohio at 1549 ft above sea level. I had the normal thing where the bike reved some on its own and the idle would hang and not go down for a few seconds and i also had the gas leaking out the tube when tipped to the side but after some riding these things went away on their own. It also took a while to find the right idle speed where it was easy to start but not idle to high but i have it going now where it starts easy but idles low. Here is my problem. After I had it rejetted and working thru the other problems the bike runs pretty good and starts easily but after 3 or 4 rides it eats a plug and won't start till I put in a new one. I didn't use that many plugs when i was riding two strokes. It runs good at all levels of rpms so I don't know why it is eating plugs. I had the suspension done, taller bars and seat, bigger foot pegs. It is fun but the plug thing is getting old. Any help would be great from people who really know the bike. Thanks Rick
  5. 2003 XR650R My plug fouled while riding and instead of taking time to work the boot off i used some channel locks. It was hot i was out in the middle of no where you know the story. I put a couple of hair line cracks in the yellow boot from where the channel lock dug in. If i start the bike in the dark garage will i be able to see it arc? Is there a better test to see if the boot is bad? If the boot is bad can just the boot be replaced? If the wire and the boot have to be replaced what does that involve? When i got home i used WD-40 and sprayed the spark plug cap and then blew everyhting off with air and dried with a rag and now the cap and boot seem to come off easier now. Is there any other tricks or things to put on plug to make it come off with out hurting spark? I bought the bike used so I don't know if the first owner did anything to the cap to make it hard to get off. Also the bike seems to run fine after this but if it bad I want to fix it. Thanks for any help you have to offer. Rick
  6. Glad to help you guys out to get your seats. Mine is all ready here but my Applied wrap triple clamp and bar combo is on back order so when i get it all back together i will give a report as to how it all worked out. Also the moose seat from Dennis Kirk looks to be very well made and looks just like the stock one all ready to bolt on and I can't wait to ride on it. Looks about an inch taller in the center section where you would be riding if you were hugging the tank. Thanks again for everyones help. I will report back once i get everything. Rick
  7. Thanks for the places to get the cables at. I stopped in at the local Honda dealer and they looked at 5 different book and said sorry we have nothing for you i was starting to worry I was going to have to make something out of paper clips , I was looking for bars clamps and riser and BRP has a kit that gives you the top clamp, risers, Scott's damper, new throttles cables, pro taper bars, but it will set you back $749 but looks like a sweet set up. Thanks again Rick
  8. Thanks for all the great advice. Its nice to know what works before ordering. I also wanted to let those of you with Moose TALL seats on back order or on the fence to buy one that Dennis Kirk has 7 in stock according to their site part # 451857 $109.95 free shipping and they price match but don't buy them all up I want one too . Thanks again for all your help and suggestions and set ups. I will let you know what i got and if it all worked out. Rick
  9. Thanks for all the help. If anyone else has any suggestion I will check back.
  10. PM received Thank you
  11. I have not decided on which bar and adapters to go with yet but if the stock cables are too short what do i have to do to get longer ones? Does Honda sell longer ones? Are all throttles dual cables? Do i just measure the stock ones and order next size bigger? Thanks for your help
  12. Ramcc4x4 thanks for the reply . Did the moose seat feel any better as far as going from sitting to standing position. I am 6'5" and all legs and it wears me out switching between standing and sitting. Is the seat comfortable and of good quality? I guess the million dollar question is do you feel you got your moneys worth and is there enough difference between the stock seat and the moose tall seat to switch them? THANKS AGAIN
  13. Thanks daddyk for the reply. Sorry for not listing bike it is a 2003 XR650R. Any more opions out there? Thanks again Rick
  14. I have tried the search and it is down for the third day in a row so i will just ask? I was wondering if anyone has bought a complete seat that is taller than stock that i can just bolt on and save the stock seat. I saw Moose and I think SDG have them is there others and how much taller than stock are they. I am 6'5" 265 so I could use some extra height. I also wondered about the guts foam and new cover is it easy to install and does it last , does the foam just go on top of the stock foam or do you have to cut it out and redo it all and if you have to cut out stock foam how do you seal down the new foam? The other question is about handle bars. How tall can you go and still use stock cables. Can you use the 1 and an 1/8 bars and adapters and still have enough cable left. I also saw somewhere that you have to watch how you route the cables. Is there another way other than stock to give you more slack in the cables? Are Tag bars any good or are the Renthal double walls worth the money? Any help or suggestions would be great . Thanks Rick