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  1. I'm running an XR650L caliper on my '87 XL600R, no problems. Nice gold color too. -P.
  2. I'm still tracking ya. -P.
  3. Happened to me as well on a street bike. Lost the clip that held the two end-links of the chain together. That's why I won't rely on them any more and permanently rivet them together now. -P.
  4. Pulling up this old but ever usefull topic/thread... I'm looking to purchase the Gold Valve from ThumperTalk's part store and I want to make sure I get the correct one. Does anyone have the Race Tech part number for the appropriate GV? Tried to contact RT directly but their e-mail was down. Also, I don't know if its available in the 36mm rebound and 34mm compression config, but has anyone used the New G3-LD (Low Deflection) version of the 46mm Gold Valve? Thanks, -P.
  5. Horri, You working for the NZ ministry of Tourism? A few years back, I went to NZ and rented a VFR, riding from Auckland down to Wellington, across on the ferry to Christchurch and Queenstown. In 2 months, I saw just about everything top to bottom. With out a doubt, the best riding ever and the nicest people! I want to retire there. I envy you. The exchange rate is right, but I'll have to look Stateside. -Pete
  6. Thanks Bruce! -P.
  7. I'm in the middle of rebuilding my XL's front brake caliper. I ordered new pistons and seals and got down to stripping the caliper for a propper rebuild. Once apart, I realized that I really need to replace the caliper. I can buy new, but I recall that many of the Hondas use the same caliper on various models. XR, XL, XR-L, CR... Which models will fit or be suitable donors for my XL's front end? -Pete
  8. Nobody has any experience with these? -P.
  9. Do these beauties come with a cush drive? I'd love to get a set for my XR650R project if I can come up with the scratch. -P.
  10. Deleted. Sorry, double post. -P.
  11. Thanks MB. I guess its too much work to make it happen. Yeah, I love my Hawk (s). Can't beat the chassis. One of them is super-built, putting out 118 RWHP, reliable at 10.5K RPM, and weighs in around 300 lbs. (give or take...) Nice power to weight ratio. Still has all of the Hawk's virtues, and none of it's vices. The bike they should/could have made. I'll never sell mine. -P.
  12. I've had good luck with Falicon cranks on other bikes. http://www.faliconcranks.com/ They do a ton of bike specific stuff. -P.
  13. Nobody? Plenty of threads about swapping the XR, but no feedback on a CR swap? -P.
  14. Any idea if this will will work easily? I can remember one person doing a build-up with a CR swingarm, but there wasn't details on the swap. I did a search, but can't find the thread the builder posted in. I have a complete '01 CR500 rear end with wheel and brake assembly available to graft on to an '87 XL600R. I know the XR swap is more common, but this is what I have on hand. Hints? -P.
  15. Who else would you send your XR to for engine mods and builds? -P.