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  1. yep that worked.. Hard to say if it is the same sound, either way I will open it up and check the power valve to see if it may be the problem.
  2. That may help me as the noise is at its worst when the bike was at an idle. The link to the sound isn't working though.
  3. This sounds similar to what I am looking for info on. I am looking at a 2002 with the Bondi engine in it. It seems to have a real knock at idle and I am not sure if the premium pump gas is good enough for it.
  4. Well I think we all do things like that from time to time. Now that you have it working have fun with it
  5. Yeah make sure the raised part is in towards the engine. When I put it on my bike, I ran it for a few with the chain off so that the sprocket could chew away the little rubber it had to get rid of.
  6. There is no proof that creatine is unsafe. Drinking lots of water is not unhealthy unless you are going to an absolute extreme, in which case you will die. That said 20 pounds in a short period of time is very hard to do. I would recommend looking up a book called "the new high intensity training." It will give you a lot of answers about building muscles without steroids. Then settle in for the long haul of building a better body.
  7. Sent the sprocket out with todays mail, I would guess it should be to you in the next week or so.
  8. for me it wasn't an issue of clearing the case saver, it was when installed I had less then 1/8" clearance between my case (where the bump sticks out for the clutch) and the chain. Probably wouldn't have been an issue, but it wasn't worth the risk to me.
  9. Got the PM, my next day off is monday so I will send it out then. No need for a check and I don't use paypal so you are in luck My loss can be your gain. Hope you get some fun out of the sprocket.
  10. I want your mailing address so I can send it out
  11. I know a fair number of people are using these on their SMs, I decided to try one on my S for when I put the street tires on it. I fit it onto the bike and was not comfortable with the clearance between the engine case and the chain on my bike. I removed it without ever having used it. So long story short, if you want to try a real nice sprocket on your SM to make its high speed revs a little lower let me know. No point in having it sit in the bottom of my toolbox forever.
  12. Pretty much all the DRZs around here have that same bit of white crap in the overflow tank (including mine) . Dealer says all normal.
  13. I live up north in PG, the ones from the hardware store seems to be working with no problems so far.
  14. Thanks all, yeah they are M6X25 or thats what fit in anyway The nearest Husky dealers from me are 7 and 9 hours, so it makes it tough to swing by and pick up spares from them.
  15. Anyone know what size they are to pick up a replacement?