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    motor reliabilty

    thanks man! i'm glad that i'll be able to stay loyal to Yamaha oh, how often do you have to change the rings, or rings/piston on the YZ450?i heard it's pretty often... at leaste i don't need to change the crank on it, i'll be happy.
  2. Hey, sorry for being a newbie, but i'm crossing over from a YFZ quad to a 4-stroke dirtbike, and i jsute want to know, that wich of the thumpers are known to be the most "reliable" (MX bikes). i know all these motors need maintenance, but i mean like recuring problems that some motors have... example:i heard something about the exhaust valves on the CRF450 bikes... i jsute don't want to get stuck to pay for motors that prematurily fail... and sorry for the spelling errors, i'm french thanks for any help you guys can be