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  1. cmcwhorter42

    2016 WR250F lowered foot pegs

    Thanks, great idea
  2. I bought the Fastway Evolution 4 footpegs with the install kit for lowering and come to find out they aren’t compatible in the lowered position, only the stock height. Anyone else run into this? The only option I see is to build up a weld to allow for the peg to press against something in the lower position or buy another brand that has fixed this issue.
  3. cmcwhorter42

    Converting 2016 WR250F into YZ250FX

    Search 2015 WR250F conversion to yz250FX
  4. Just need to know if the 2016 WR250F needs a resistor after removing the headlight and if so, does anyone know which one and where to get it? I've seen another write up for the 2015 model, and was concerned with damaging the electrical with leaving the headlight simply unplugged.
  5. Are the plastics similar enough between the 2016 wr250f and the yz250f to use a graphics kit for the yz on the wr?
  6. Does anyone know if any dealers carry the Yamaha portable inverters in stock anywhere in southern California? I know they can be ordered, but I need one quick. Thanks for any info.
  7. I replaced my KLX110 with a BBR perimeter frame which required me to toss out the stock airbox and filter and use the air filter in the frame kit. When I start it, it makes a hissing noise that increases when I give it throttle. It sounds like air getting sucked in, but is that normal to hear so loud, or do I have a problem somewhere. I never heard anything with the stock unit so I am a little concerned. Its hard to believe its normal to be this loud.
  8. cmcwhorter42

    Throttle cable too short

    I just changed out my KLX110 frame with the BBR perimeter frame and replaced the handlebars with Pro Taper SE's. I am still using the stock carb and when I went to place the throttle back on, the cable is too short. Does anyone sell longer replacements, or if I have to change carbs are the cables in the new kits longer than the stock one. This is frustrating, when I had no idea it would be a issue beforehand. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I just got the new Marzocchi Shiver 35 Factory Works for my KLX110, but I don't see anything on torque for the top and bottom triple clamps. I also don't see any instructions on the disc brake install. I emailed Marzocchi, but haven't heard anything back yet. Anyone know this info, or know if I am missing some instruction booklet. I have a booklet that explains the forks themselves, but never mentions the triple clamps or brake system. Any help would be appreciated.
  10. I just read an article in the June issue of Motocross Action about the new 27mm offset triple clamps from Applied Racing. They stated that this offset is only good for the YZ250f, and should not be run on any other YZ including the 450. I remember a couple months ago reading an article that stated that people preferred this 27mm offset for both the 250 and 450 four strokes in a blind study. Has anyone had any experience with these triple clamps on their '06 YZ450F. I have a set already on the way, so reading that article made me wonder if the money was well spent.
  11. I just bought a new set of the Applied Racing triple clamps made for the '06 yz450. I bought the clamps with the rubber mounts, which is the first time I have had these instead of solid mounts. What's the correct torque for these rubber mounts? I would think they need to be as close to the same torque on each mount due to the rubber. I know with solid mounts the torque is in the manual, but I'm not sure with these. Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I just bought a set of Applied Racing triple clamps with the rubber cone bar mounts. I have only has solid mounts in the past, and I'm not sure how tight to torque down these new rubber mounts. Would it be the same as a solid mount? I would think that is even more important to have them torqued exactly the same on both sides than it would be with solid mounts, due to the give of the rubber. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. cmcwhorter42

    what suspension for '06 KLX110?

    I am having trouble deciding on which replacement forks and swingarm setup to get for my '06 KLX110. I weigh about 200lbs, and was looking at the Marzzochi's for the front but people are saying they are too soft, and require work right out of the box. I am not sure of anything on the rear. I want to order a set that is ready to go for my weight, so I can go riding right away. Although I wouldn't say money is no object, I want it done right, so I don't have to nickle and dime cheap stuff. Whatever set I go with I would like to match both the front and rear so it's dialed in. I want to be able to order it from one location where it's ready to go if possible. Thanks for the help.
  14. I have spent a lot of time searching this forum for tips and explanations on the problems with the '06 YZ450 jetting being too lean. I think I am more confused then when I started. Why would these engineers design a technically advanced bike and sell it with jetting, that according to what I have found here, no-one uses. I want to take care of a brand new $7000.00 purchase but am not really sure what the correct route to go is. I know that members here come from every part of the country with temperature and altitude all being different. I ride in southern California where the temp is usually between 60 and 100 and altitude under 4000 feet. Would the 170 main and 48 pilot be the correct choice for these conditions or should I try a different choice? I know this subject gets beaten to death, but for some this is a whole new animal to deal with, so I appreciate any helpful info.
  15. Does anyone know where I can pick up a set of the new '06 YZ 450 Applied Racing triple clamps with the 27mm offset in the Los Angeles area this weekend? I know I can order them, but I will be heading out before they can arrive. Any help would be appreciated.