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  1. PK

    Payson or Prescott Arizona?

    I'm married, I'm use to being corrected I'm sure it would grow on me after a while.
  2. PK

    Payson or Prescott Arizona?

    Well, I have reading it on the internet so it must be true. I would rather go with folks who live there for a true feel of what its like. We are coming out to Preskitt in May to look around. If Hawaii wasn't so far away I would love to show up for the mt bike race as well as the enduro race I saw in April in the Prescott area. I have found out that the name is pronounced Preskitt from a realtor we are working with, I think he finally gave up on me saying it correctly.
  3. PK

    Payson or Prescott Arizona?

    Thanks guys. It seems like both areas would be great to ride and live in and I guess it may boil down to the type of town we want to live in. I grew up in a small town in Oregon and loved it but haven't live in a small town in years so perhaps I forgot any downfalls of small town life. We are coming out there in May for a couple of weeks and hopefully that will shed some light on it for us. Is one town warmer than the other? I seem to notice that Payson is 5 degrees warmer than Prescott by watching the temps on weather channel over the past 2 month, is that right or just a perception? I saw they are having a big mt bike race in Presott next month that sounds like it would be pretty fun to do but that 50 mile loop has some crazy elevation changes. Thanks, Pat
  4. We are looking at moving to Arizona and have narowed it down between Payson an Prescott and I was curious if one ha better access to off road riding than the other or are they about the same? Any other info about the two towns that may help us decide? We love the outdoors, camping, fishing, mt biking, etc Thanks, PK
  5. PK

    Arizona OHV Tags

    We are looking at moving to Arizona from Hawaii but two of our bikes don't have titles as Hawaii doesn't require them and the MCO's is MIA as well. Whats the process to get a bike wth no title registered? I got a headache reading which license/sticker/plate is required for what.
  6. PK

    Xr's only temp dipstick???

    I have one and I have both problems with oil leaking into the face and moisture getting inside of it. I have torn it apart a few times and sealed it up using a myriad of concoctions to no avail. I't s a cool part so I deal with it but I wish I had an "easy" button for fixing it.
  7. PK

    New Jersey Riders

    http://www.ehtpal.org/index.php/programs/ready-to-ride Here is where I ride, it's outside of Atlantic City in Egg Harbor Township. Its not bad, it's about 30 acres with a few miles of trails and a mx track that's ok, not great but ok. You don't have to worry about the cops taking your bike. They are supposedly going to start work next week on a new MX track down in Milville. I was down there today and they said it should take 6 weeks to get it built, we'll see about that.
  8. When you bleed the front brake, make sure to re-route the front brake line correctly. It should be on the inside of the lower fork guard, not the outside as it is in the picture or it will get ripped off by the first opportunistic log you encounter. Adjusting a chain on a KTM correctly will make you think it's way too loose but you need to have it pretty loose due to the no linkage suspension. The tightest it will get is when the suspension is about 3 or 4 inches from fully compressed.
  9. PK

    Sprockets? OEM or aftermarket?

    Thanks G, by the number of bikes in your signature, I would call you a reliable source.
  10. I'm getting ready to replace my sprockets and chain on my 01 300MXC and I'm curious if I can buy an aftermarket sprocket or do I need to get a KTM specific sprocket? The reason I ask is because I read one person wrote that an aftermarket sprocket causes the output shaft seal to wear our quickly and leak, has anyone else heard this? Sounds like poop to me but I thought I would ask. Thanks, Patrick
  11. I'm planning on heading out to Blue Diamond MX park tomorrow morning and I was curious if anyone rode there today and if so, what was the track like? I heard they got about an inch of snow in New Castle, DE whereas we got 2 feet so I hope the track isn't a mudbog.
  12. PK

    300MXC spring recommendations?

    Thanks to everyone for the great input. Seems the concensus is most folks shy away from the progressive rate springs not sure why as this is my first KTM. The MX Tech site recommended an 8.7 kg rear spring and 46 in the front so based on what all of you have said I plan to go with the 8.8 and 46 set up.
  13. I was looking at the MX Tech website they recommend .46 fork springs and a PDS7 rear shock spring for my 01 KTM300 for both motocross and enduro riding. I'm 6'3" and weigh 220 with all my gear on. My bike has the stock suspension springs, .40 fork springs (definitely too soft) and a PDS2 rear shock which does'nt seem too bad in the one ride I have on the bike, but that may be because the front was soft I didn't notice the rear shock. Any recommendations? From what I found the PDS2 and PDS7 are pretty similar spring rates, I copied it below. The PDS springs are measured at 20mm (compressed) which is called "C1" & at 100mm compressed which is called "C2". PDS #0 C1 6.5 C2 8.3 PDS #1 C1 7.0 C2 9.0 PDS #2 C1 7.5 C2 9.7 PDS #3 C1 8.0 C2 10.3 PDS #4 C1 8.5 C2 11.0 New Generation PDS #5 C1 6.6 C2 8.8 PDS #6 C1 7.15 C2 9.05 PDS #7 C1 7.6 C2 9.5 PDS #8 C1 8.1 C2 9.95 Also note that the PDS-5 thru 8 are 260mm long. PDS 0-4 are 250mm long.
  14. PK

    ***** Official CRF150R CAM Recall *****

    You're both in the window for the recall with those VIN's but the recall ended March 2010. You may be able to call your dealer to see if they would still honor it.
  15. I went to NJMP last weekend and they havent' started building the track. They have the area it's suppose to be built but they are waiting for the legal stuff to get taken care of before/if they start.