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    were going early tomorrow morning, and were staying all day.
  2. lil85rider

    Anybody going to chats tomorrow?

    While we're on the subject of sprinklers, they are "winterized" in case it freezes overnight, which it is supposed to sometime in the next week. When it's warmer they'll get them going again. I believe I saw some of you there. My mom(mxmom), my dad, my brother and I all ride, and we're the ones with the big blue trailer. My mom and dad also volunteer at the tracks. About the complaints about the whoops on the mx track, if you learn how to ride them you'll get better, and if you can ride different terrains, that also makes you a better rider. It also makes you a good rider if you know how to act around the smaller bikes and try different lines, other then the ones you are used to. I didn't particularly love the track conditions, like the kickers and the whoops, but they make me a better rider. When they get a new groomer, the tracks will be in better shape, but untill then, you just have to deal with it or don't ride, but I'm assuming you want to ride because you have a bike..
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    Things that suck in MX

    i dislike when people fly by you on both sides on the same time when they know you're not as good as they are. they need to be more polite and courtious to the kids that are already scared to death of the "big bikes".