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  1. aaronstewart

    FMF Pipe

    I say "louder the better" cause I am tired of almost getting t-boned by some girly man with his quiet pipe, coming down a cross trail that crosses mine, and I dont know hes coming cause his bike is quiet. Loud pipes do save lives, obviously those of you who think different, are the guys who ride their bike 2 times a year. I ride 4 times a month or more, which increases my chance of hitting one of you silent runners. Enough said..... OOPS, by the way, I too like the WHITE BROTHERS PIPE, OR A FMF POWERCORE, OR A BIG GUN. Gotta hear it... yeah.....
  2. aaronstewart

    Show me your 450X's

    Your bikes are all awsome, I DIG it......
  3. aaronstewart

    Did Santa hook you up?

    Santa was good to me,,,, even if I am santa, tonight I brought home a 2008 CRF450X Ans I am a happy boy. My trade in was my trusty WR400, which hurt a bit, but pain quickly went away with the flick of my e-start button...
  4. I ride a 1999 wr400f, awsome bike.....