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    Is motocross better without ricky and james

    I dont understand all the post on this sight about jbs even being mentioned in the same league as RC. I mean at supercross hes good, but we are talking motocross here, and there is absoultley no comparison at all. In 3 years of trying to beat RC , bubba has been nothing but a overhyped embarrasment to the sport, I know ill take heat from the buuba lovers, but i just sit back and read their post on here and it is a joke. RC owns bubba, period. As far as the races being better? that is crap too, How can people wanna see the best in the world ride when there is a better rider sitting home? Id rather see the best race even if they dominate, until someone steps it up and takes it how RC did mcgrath. Bubba has no outdoor titles and very few wins against Ricky, KW in 2003 gave him a better run for the money than bubba ever has. I think Alessi may take it next year, I really doubt the waste of talent bubba will ever win a title..
  3. mxrider4

    Life better after the G.O.A.T?

    i think you are on crack
  4. mxrider4

    Is beaumont HOT RIGHT NOW?

    Hi all, i was wondering on the latest info on beaumont, I havent been there in 3 years because of cops. Has anyone been there of the 60fwy in the last month? Is it still hot with activity? thanks for any info chris herrin riverside ca
  5. mxrider4

    What The Heck Is Up With JS?

    Im no racist at all. I have blacks and mexicans both working for me. So dont give me that shit. Im only pointing out facts. What would he do if he couldnt ride anymore? He wrecks way more than anyone else on the track. He has a big zero in major championships. RC had him covered both motos last week. He is arogant and dangerous to others around him , And it is a fact he gets a free pass because of his color. They wanna threaten pastrana for a backflip attempt, but let this guys antics slide, so dont tell me the AMA is not the racist ones. I know im not the only person on here to see that this is all Bs. I dont care if he races anyhow. Hope you all can calm down. chris herrin riverside ca
  6. Hi all, Im heading out to ocotillo wells this weekend for the first time ever and had a few?s Will it be packed this time of year? What is the best spot for camping with a lot of small to medium jumps (30-60ft).? What road? thanks for the info in advance.. chris herrin riverside ca