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  1. Joe92GT

    Engine Vibration.. not the normal ones

    I am very engine savy, if it burns fuel, I've pulled it apart.... and in most cases put it back together I will double check this filter, but every other one I open up, and always look at the oil. I change the oil every 2 rides religiously. I guess that leaves me with some exploring to do... not looking forward!
  2. I posted this in the 450x forum, and got one reply. I have a 450x that has developed a really bad engine vibration. It is rpm related, and pretty severe. A ride on my friend's 450x confirmed it is not normal. This is a vibration in the whole bike, felt through the pegs and bars, it is not skid plate noise, chain noise, or any other crf450 odity. So far the only thoughts are cam chain? Too loose would cause problems, or to tight? I'm out of ideas.. everything else internal that I can think of would fail outright, not cause a vibration. thanks for your help, Joe
  3. Joe92GT

    Engine Vibration causes

    I will check the mounts tonight, guess I also have more incentive to do a clutch and check everything in there. The rubber mounted bars are tight, as I just put them on, also I can feel it pretty good through the pegs.
  4. Joe92GT

    Engine Vibration causes

    I did a search, and could not find anything. I have a really bad vibration in the engine of my x. It varies with RPM not speed, and it is significantly more than my friends 450x. So I know its the engine, I know its not normal, and I know its not skid plate noise. What can cause a vibration? Cam chain? balancer? Any other ideas? I'm lost here as to what can change to cause a vibration but not fail outright.
  5. Joe92GT

    Battery time

    I ordered my battery from yamaha of troy about a month ago for 47.00, came out to 57 shipped with an extra bolt I lost. I guess they raised their prices. My battery died because my battery tender lug came off, and my cheapo tender didn't tell me. (I knew better.. but it was lying aroud) I've switched to the battery tender brand. You should never have a problem with your battery if it is on a tender all the time. We sell high end battery chargers for remote standby generator applications, so I have an idea about battery upkeep/life. All batteries will fail if left set with out a charge, or too much charge. For the price, battery tender is the best bet.
  6. Joe92GT

    Fork oil needed for rebuild

    Thanks! Yeah I know I have to be exact in filling them. I just need to know the total fluid so I can order parts and not have to order more fluid if I run out.
  7. Joe92GT

    Fork oil needed for rebuild

    I'm about to rebuild my forks, but I can't find out how much total fluid I'll need anywhere. How much should I buy to do both forks? thanks, Joe
  8. Yeah, the battery impacts are not adjustable. You can modulate torque with feel... you can tell when the bolt snugs, and its not going to hit 300 ft lbs the second it snugs like a pnuematic will. I have the snap on 18v cordless, works really well on lugs and other things. The cordless part is the best, lets you use it where you normally would suffer with hand tools just cause your too far from power/air... like working on the trailer is a great example. We were assembling my friends 540 ci big block chevy, and we got to the timing cover. He was going anal with torquing everything (not a bad thing), but he wouldn't let me do the timing cover w/o the wrench. I made a bet, that I could get all 10 bolts w/in 3 ft/lbs of each other. We had a bar type wrench to confirm, and I won the bet. Our calibrated hands can't torque something down to any number we want, but we sure can get very consistent.
  9. Easy, I just wanted to make sure everyone was on the same page. It is common sense, but I've seen it all over. A quick two lines makes sure that someone reading this post doesn't go putting on his clutch with the impact driver. The caveat is that like you say and pointed out, years of experience with the tools allows you to be accurate on re-assembly with powertools. I don't like pointing that out though, since its one of those if you need to ask about it, you shouldn't be doing it type thing. I know the 2135 isn't a "fair" comparison
  10. Joe92GT

    Another dead CRF450X Transmission

    So in a ride back to the trailer you had to comment on his transmission being good? oh, wait its a ktm.. the best bike ever. How did you top off the fluid? I just drain and add a new quart if I was worried about the trans fluid being low. This may help out again.. also lets you see exactly how much was left in it. Also the benefit of running rotella 15-40, it doesn't cost a whole lot and I change fluids a lot more than if running expensive oil. use the updated parts on the rebuild (I would think you'd not be able to buy the older stuff), and you'll be ok.
  11. I didn't have to look to know that's inch pounds. While a 1/4 inch drive impact gun is awesome, there is nothing like the real deal. My IR 2135Ti has a true 1k ft/lb rating. However, neither of these tools should be used on any a assembly work on a bike. The bolts are far to delicate. Do everything by hand! Impact drivers let you put stuff on that should not go, i.e. cross threaded bolts, mating surfaces that arn't square, ect. With a t-handle or socket you can feel that something is wrong before you break or strip an expensive part. Oh, and to comment on another post.. my 60 gallon compressor is always on and full, so I just grab the hose real when I need the air tools. It really changes things leaving them full (drain here and there for water).
  12. Joe92GT

    Rear brake pedal into clutch cover

    My friend just got a new to him 05 450x that was pretty virgin. We did all the mods to get it close to mine, as much as I could remember. We are out for a 3 day weekend, and we were unfortunately reminded about the one mod we forgot. Please add this to the sticky. Don't forget to grind off the inner teeth on your rear brake lever, before you drop the bike on the right side and it drains all your oil on the ground leaving you stranded! As soon as it happened it all came back to me, as we looked at the brake lever on my bike nice and trimmed. Oh well, lesson learned.
  13. Joe92GT

    Sport Bike suggestions

    I commute every day on my sv650, do lots of road trips, 1k miles trips in tennesse/nc, ect. The bike is very comfy, and not a speed demon either.. Its fast, just not race replica fast. Good first bike if you know how to ride motorcycles already (dirt bikes).
  14. Is IC engine done in Thermo 2 for you? Thats what it was for us.