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  1. If you want to ship it call Kelly at Meticulous Metals. He did mine and is an excellent machinist. Located in Loomis, CA (by Sacramento). http://www.meticulousmetal.com/
  2. MXDave813s

    STIC metering block?

    I have to admit Im in the dark on what a metering block is and does. Can someone explain? I have a YZ 250 Two Stroke and am about to work with the jetting and follow some of the great ThumperTalk advice. Sounds like I need to consider this too. What is it? Thank you in advance!
  3. MXDave813s


    Can they work on a YZ two stroke? What is needed?
  4. MXDave813s

    YZ250 (2008 YZ250) FRONT BRAKE INQUIRY

    Hi Mike, I have a 2007 with a braided line and Honda brake pads and actually want more braking too. The Braided Line is a good addition but not the total cure. I am going with a larger rotor (270 mm). Others have used the CRF Master Cylinder/OEM Brake Line and caliper for the 250F/450F with great success. I have never heard a Honda Rebuild kit works...is that true? Also, if you do use the braided line be sure to clamp it tight. I also safety wired it at the upper rubber sleeve too. Reason is it can actually slide down and get caught in your spokes... Good luck!
  5. MXDave813s

    YZ 250 2013 modifications

    What did you like about it? Performance gain?
  6. MXDave813s

    Dear YZ 250 design dept for 2015...

    I have a 2007 YZ 250 and like the bike a ton. But want to look forward to buying a new bike. KTMs not really turning me on. RMs are gone. TMs look cool but too expensive. Would like to see Yamaha improve upon it.
  7. MXDave813s

    YZ 250 2013 modifications

    Pro Ciruit did the head and porting with their Works Pipe. All great mods, Head would be first though. Make sure you run high quality gas, Stock or Mod. Have seen YZs with less than 10 hours lose the bottom end from bad fuel. Have fun!
  8. MXDave813s

    Dear YZ 250 design dept for 2015...

    Man that is beautiful! That should be in the line next year. Thanks for the pic!
  9. This should be your chassis for your 2015 YZ 250 Two Stroke! Get on it!
  10. MXDave813s

    Yz250 Wiseco crank review?

    Go OEM. Quality fuel is so important now with Ethanol making it's way in more and more. Run Sunoco, VP, Trick, ERC or any quality 100+ octane race gas. Yes more expensive, but you won't waste your motor in just a few hours...Again, on the crank go OEM and forget about it. Chaparral or North County Yamaha has good prices.
  11. MXDave813s


    My son has the 2004 KX 125. Great bike and so much fun to ride on track and trails.
  12. MXDave813s

    yz250 vs yz450f

    You have to have a better criteria than a drag race. If your a 100% desert racer or the Salt Flats...maybe the 450. But if your a woods, trail, even MX and Desert - the two stroke is the way to go. Ride both in your favorite terrain and see for yourself. Four Strokes are neat, but I am not selling my YZ 250 for one.
  13. MXDave813s

    Loose big end bearing

    Yes, very much so...The bearing is a press in fit. Maybe show your dealer, wrong bearing? Warped case?
  14. MXDave813s

    2 stroke bottom end question

    3rd gear is a weak link. If you split the cases check all the gears for wear. I am in the middle of a complete tear down now because 3rd gear broke.
  15. MXDave813s

    Personal preference on silencers.

    I run the ProCiruit Shorty and love it with the works Pipe.