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  1. Looking for a GPS unit for my bike to mount to handle bars. What are you using and where you purchased it from and any pics would be great thanks
  2. Got some barrell shaped fishing line sinkers (lead) that had the split down the center and crimped them around the spokes, then i slid them down and siliconed them to the nipples. I didn't like the strips that all the shops were selling.
  3. Is the Acerbis 3.4 hard to get ?
  4. Anyone using Acerbis 3.4 ? How was the fit and would you buy again. I read that it clears the fan kit. I purchased an IMS 3.0 tank 6 months ago but it dosn't fit over the fan. D1k that tank look to be a 6 gallon?
  5. Looking for a larger tank for an 08 530 EXC that will fit with the fan kit. any pics would be great Thanks Marty
  6. Third gear rollers for me
  7. I figured it out ya i know RTFM
  8. I pulled the cam chain tensioner to reseal as there was a small bur on the washer. the problem im having is i can't seem to figure out how to get it to release. I compressed it down and it went in but not sure if i can get it to release with out there special tool. I have tried a couple of different dowel type of tools but dosn't want to release? Thanks Marty
  9. I need a larger fuel tank, Let me what you have purchased and how it works
  10. What year and model. I can't seem to locate anything that looks like that on my bike, mabe 08 530 exc models are different?
  11. I'm changing my oil but i don't see the short oil screen. is it not the drain bolt screen The manuals instructions on changing oil only show to pull drain plug with screen, but it sounds like there is another screen after reaading some posts on here? (should note that i'm talking about 08 530exc) mabee some one can post a photo?
  12. I'm also wanting to change my 530s stock 15/45. I've been serching and have came up with 14/48 using stock chain, blue locktite, don't use an air impact to install, tourque to 44#, do you have to heat the front sprocket bolt
  13. Thank you, You've been very helpfull
  14. TroutFisher, Will there be additional costs to regester an out of state bike rather than a California bike? I thought the OTD price included everything taxes an regestration ect. Are you located in Northern Califirnia or Southern California?
  15. I'm ready to get me a new 530 and was wanting to know if you are happy with your bike and would you buy another. I went to KTMtalk.com and used there get a quote and received some great prices but bike are located out of state. I'm would like to buy local in case i have problems it will be easier to return it to original shop. I can save a couple thousand dollars buying out of state, would you consider buying a bike out of state? Has anyone done this yet? Thanks Marty