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  1. hey Dale, what happened to the senior youth production 15 -17 400cc atv class? My son is 15 and on a 400cc quad. this is a ama reconized class for 2008.
  2. Honda

    recently rebuilt my 2005 450r motor and installed a hot-rods crankshaft assembly in it. Have about 10 to 20 rides on motor and the connecting rod broke in half about 3/4 inch under wrist pin and destroyed entire engine. Rod still smooth on wrist pin and crank brg. so I dont beleive it to be related to an oiling problem. Like I said rod broke in half. Anybody out there had any problems like this, and know why other than the rod being bad. Thanks for any info.
  3. Yamaha

    my 05 was leeking from there last year. I replaced the seal behind the impeller and it was good. drain coolant , remove pump cover , remove impeller bolt & impeller and replace seal & reassemble
  4. My first race in 12 years, it was work but I loved it. I'll be back. Good job Dale
  5. do we need a number plate or is it an option, since scoring is done with the barecode
  6. plan on running agp series in an atv class. does any one know if number plates are needed on quads? if so, front & back and how do i know what number to put on it, or are they only useing the barcode on helmet.
  7. Dale, it might help if you could get these new classes posted in the class section on AGP's site. iv'e been telling people but they keep asking me if i'm sure because its not a listed class. Thanks
  8. Heard today that the AGP series will have the senior youth production(15-17) 201-400cc 4 stroke class in their series. This is good news, there are alot of kids out there on 400cc quads that can now run this series. If you know any one, let them know.
  9. Yamaha

    I'm 6'1 I installed the renthal banshee bend bars. they are about 1'' taller. did not have to change any cables. definite improvement.
  10. Yamaha

    DRD, can't go wrong.
  11. Yamaha

    after reading what you have been thru heres what i say, scrap it and buy a yfz. problem solved, keep the money.
  12. I am going to attend. this could be a good opportunity for NJ riders. support is needed,because there probably will be opposition there, even though they might not be from that town.
  13. I have noticed that there have been almost 600 views of this site. I sure hope all of you have contacted the NJDEP and asked them when will we be getting the riding areas that have been talked about for years. Also contact the governors office in Trenton. Contact your county freeholders office, make it known we are out there in numbers. there are plenty of areas in nj that are not to sensitive for dirtbike & atv use. if we don't speek up we will be ignored and banned. there are many groups out there against us. info for njdep can be found at njohva.com. call and write before it is to late.
  14. anybody been to njorvp lately. How is the atv track since the new groomer took over. I have not been in 2 months or so. Back in early april there wasnt anybody maintaining the atv track and it was beat up pretty bad.
  15. people who are against bikes and atvs will only talk negative about them. every rider out there must write a letter to their county and state officals asking when will we be getting areas designated for us to ride. start by writing to njdep, they have for years been avoiding this issue. apply full pressure now. Dept. of environmental protection pobx 402 Trenton NJ 08625 ph 609-292-2885 fx 609-292-7695 attn: commisioner DON'T PROCRASTINATE !