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  1. poundcake

    DR 650 idle speed

    When you run the idle speed lower than the spec (1500 RPM). It tends to make a rather abrupt transition to a very lean mixture when you close the throttle, making the engine backfire (lean popping) on deceleration. this is even more noticeable on a bike with an aftermarket exhaust silencer, less baffles make it more audible. Just 1 more reason to keep the idle at recommended speed. P.S. It would have been nice if Suzuki had equipped the bike with a tachometer (and a center-stand too).
  2. poundcake

    Is It My Starter Relay or Starter

    My bet is the brushes in the starter motor are so corroded up that they cant move and contact the armature correctly. The DR tends to puddle water in the gulley where the starter sits in. Mine did same thing only 13months old (No suzuki wouldnt cover it). Let us know what you find.
  3. poundcake

    Oil Filter Replace

    I wonder how many microns a genuine Suzuki filter is rated for.
  4. poundcake

    Carby leaks fuel

    I would get in the habit of turning off the fuel anyways since even a good needle and seat can "seep" either filling cylinder with gas (long time seep) and creating a FIRE HAZARD. In the old days, on dirt bikes you always had to turn the fuel off to avoid flooding and leaking.
  5. poundcake

    just bought a DR650

    Mrvrooomm, Is that a GIVI luggage plate you have atop the suzy luggage rack?
  6. poundcake

    06 DR650. Electrical problem ? Won't start

    Yesterday I contacted Cecil at Suzuki Corporate service headquarters. Since the lousy dealer I bought the bike from went out of business, he gave me the phone# of Suzuki in Beloit,Wisconsin (12miles away) and told me to call them and if they thought it was a manufacturing defect they would cover it even though it is month 13 of a 12 month warranty. I called them and they said "sir, what you are looking for is goodwill, and since you did not buy the bike from me I have no goodwill for you, sorry cant help you" I told them that this will weigh heavily on any considerations for future purchases and he said "so be it, sorry". So I called Cecil again and he said "If they wont do anything then he cant do anything either"....So in my opinion, since they don't or wont cover the starter (cost to them under $150.) I wont purchase a M109 this year and I will get the Honda VTX1800 or similar. Yes, over a little starter motor. No more Suzuki products for me, their lack of foresight in their approach to customer service I find to be absolutely appalling. Goodbye Suzuki, Sincerely Keith
  7. poundcake

    06 DR650. Electrical problem ? Won't start

    Well its spring now, bought a new battery, put in some fresh gas. Went to start bike and all I get is "click". Voltmeter says 12 volts to starter when button pushed. So I removed exhaust,cam chain tensioner,oil line and finally the starter..I opened up the starter, Boy was I surprised The commutator bridge was so dirty and corroded the brushes wouldn't move and the hard metal plate that connects to the pole stud, 1 side was broken It personally looks like the dealer(Now out-of-Business) may have swapped starters on this bike. The bike is 13months old,it has only gotten wet 3 times, 2 were washes, 1 rain. parked in garage all 13 months and 1500 miles from any bodies of salt water. I guess I could have just bought the new commutator assy for $40 But I went with the whole starter for $200.00 for fear of corrosion in the field coil windings..There it is boys, the reason for my intermittent starting problem''
  8. poundcake

    Just bought a gel seat...

    Now you be gellin too!
  9. poundcake

    Just bought a gel seat...

    I just pulled the bumpers out of stock seat, wetted the little rubber nipples and pushed them into the base of the gel seat..No Problem..Just gellin like magellen.
  10. poundcake

    06 DR650. Electrical problem ? Won't start

    My 06 DR650 did the same exact thing, I jumped relay and nothing, battery fully charged. I push started bike ,rode around the block, And starter works fine now. Hard to bring to dealer when it works. But I even jumped starter directly to battery and it didnt crank. I will have to go over and talk to dealer as it is under warranty but I really dont want them working on it (they seem incompitant) As when they set up bike they missed about half a dozen items including cris cross wired turn signals.I will probably have to find a different dealer or something,would prefer to install starter myself though.Good to know it is starter though.
  11. poundcake

    What type of GPS/Navigator?

    Michelin Annakees, Thanks
  12. poundcake

    What type of GPS/Navigator?

    Garmin GPSMAP76CSX,imo is the best handheld on the market with new SIRF chip and maps that go down to house numbers in subdivisions (map software extra but worth it) It is waterproof and handles the vibration from the DR650 without a glitch.it will even locate gas stations and ATM's with exceptional precision.I love mine (can you tell?)it will even do geocaching if your into that. Before you buy any unit read the feedback from people who have already purchased these units on sites like Amazon .com it will help you avoid buying an unupgradeable turkey.My 2cents worth. Keith
  13. poundcake

    anyone do big wheelies?

    Doing wheelies are lots of fun (one night I set the front end down and Bambi was there, headlight don't see well aimed at the trees,just nicked him though), I have wheelied over on kx80's..I have done my share..Now to the point, when you set it down this pounds on the steering head bearings leaving flat spots on the bearing and its race.This can lead to a sticking condition which can only be corrected by replacement of the bearing.Now you know of 1 downside to wheelies.I am sure there are others, besides reckless driving etc. Have fun and yes I still wheelie
  14. poundcake

    Who's running a STAINTUNE full system

  15. poundcake

    what to do - what to do!

    The Blue ones have always been faster!