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  1. Dsylvain

    not starting

    i have a 2004 crf 250r and its not starting very easy, i have to jump start it all the time, is it the valves maybe?
  2. Dsylvain

    Mike Cinqmars?

    im pretty sure hes doing some supermoto, im not if hes still doing fmx
  3. Dsylvain

    shifting problem

    i have a 2004 crf250r and it seems like neutral is gone, it took me so long to click it into neutral earlier i dont know whats wrong with it, any suggestions?
  4. Dsylvain

    Ap mod

    so you can do this with the 250fs?
  5. Dsylvain

    Ap mod

    well im pretty sure im going to just move the screw in and put an oring around it like it said on the Ap mod page.
  6. Dsylvain

    Ap mod

    can i do the 450 Ap mod 1 to my 250f and do you reccomend it?