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  1. OK, I get the dumb ass award today... I tryed to stuff my KLR 650 between two tree's today! My right pinky finger hurts like hell, my right big toe feels like its broke(but it's not) and I stuffed my right shoulder into the right tree! I can get pictures of the KLR tomorrow, I'm in pain tonight and the right foot peg got one of the bolts snaped in half!, I just wanted to get home. This happend because I was going to fast and negotionated the trail wrong, OUCH! this sucks! I don't know when I can ride again! I'm a dumb ASS!
  2. Cool report and beautiful views out your way! Thanks for including all of us.
  3. Some say everything in moderation, but if beer and wine can not be drank, than God is a liar, because Jesus' first miracle was turning water into wine. God says He will never tempt us, that Satans doing, so why would He put wine before us if we are not to drink it? Even though I do not do "what not", I think if your responsible with it, why not, it grows just like hops and let me tell ya al' i LOVE hops! Anyway, I said I would post pics when I got back. There not that interesting, but after I finished my job, I loaded the trailer up and took of on the KLR for Prineville Res. and got a few shots. It was hot and like always when I'm on the road, not as much fun alone. Everyone who DS's needs to head over to my side of the mountain, we got alot of riding to do out here! One just to let you know I didn't drive the AC truck there!
  4. Hey everyone, I may be going riding a little further than all of you this weekend. I leave this morning to do a job not to far from the Prineville Res. so, I'm taking my KLR since I will be working through the weekend. I'l try and get pics back to the lap top next week.
  5. I don't care who you are, thats funny right there! It's funny, since cell phones, people don't have a clue about HAM radio or think it's usefull. Until your under your bike in a canyon with no cell service!
  6. Sorry, just had to ask. They opened the gates yesterday, so after getting my tax crap sent out and getting started on the next three days of project, I decided I needed to go for a ride... this is what y'all missed!
  7. I don't know what it is, but it catches people of guard, they think the 7 is a "Z", I don't get it!? 73's, ride on...
  8. They went out of business in 2000, but I tell you what, there mean saws! I have done alot of checking on the since I have three, but I'm selling them because all my friends out here cut with Stihl and it's easier to have similiar saws, like when my friend got his 32" bar pinched in a pine tree! We took my 20" bar off my 290 and put it on his 044 and cut it out! BTW, there listed on craigslist if anyone is interested and I'm coming into Portland next week, then traveling up to Raymond,WA. mid week. http://portland.craigslist.org/clc/tls/625174812.html
  9. Found them, there big. If I shrunk them it would be to hard to read. You can see keeps mill, McCubbins etc. etc...
  10. Just thinking... My pet project last year was to try and find a way I could ride to McCubbins Gulch from my house without getting on HWY 197 or HWY 216. The problem is getting across the White River, although I did find(by accident), Keeps Mill on the North side of the river, then ridding with friends(there quaders), found the other side, South. In the summer I think it could be ridden across, the water is moving fairly quick and I think it's about 18"-24":confused: I need to confirm that on a warm day! I'm going to try and find my scanned IMG of my forest service map...
  11. No, I don't think so? Where are those places, those names do not sound familiar!?
  12. OK, here you go...I told you there nothing like your guys bikes! I'm glad the amount of mud is not relitive to the amount of fun you can have! Like I said, I'm not real disciplined about not only carring a camera, but also stopping and snapping shots. Quodos to Scout!
  13. Oh yea, just going over the places I can get to now, the gates open tomorrow and theres still snow. Make no mistake, I could keep you all busy this whole summer riding out here alone! There's so many roads and trails and beautiful sights to see! Remember, I'm talking about a 40mile X 40mile area I ride in and that's not crossing over HWY 35 to Kingsley Res. area! Look it up on Mapquest or Yahoo maps, map the area between Pine Grove,Or to The Dalles,Or HWY 35 to Tygh Valley,Or. big area and yes, we can DS an XR riding(non-DS). I have to run right now, but I will get pictures of the dirty KLR, nothing like you's guys, like I said, but I will get them posted later. I'm glad everyone got home safe, I know it's not mentioned here, it might be taboo, but remember, where "playing" with dangrous fast toys and anyone of us could get seriously hurt on the turn of a dime, so thank God everytime you come home safe! Look forward to meeting all of you... BTW, looks like I will be in Portland next week, probably staying at a friends of Webster RD. not far N from Oatfield. By Latus Motors, anyone from around there? My contact info is no secret, www.mcallisterdrywall.com later...
  14. After seeing all this, I better not post my results from my scouting trip into the woods for some DSing action! I hit alot of mud, some snow, but nothing like you guys! Looks like ya'll had fun!
  15. Those are some nice pictures and one sweet bike! However, I think it's a bit to clean! It must take you as long to clean it as it does to get it dirty? Look forward to this snow melting away...