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  1. V nose, +6" on height, RV screen side door, torsion bars, all aluminum frame and no exposed fasteners. My 6x12 is now ten years old, if i knew i was keeping it this long i should have went 7x14 with tandem and electric brakes.
  2. For work i have a 05 2500 Express w/ 4.8, always have 1000#'equipment and mixed driving gets 14mpg. I would go with a bigger motor and 3500 only if it has the 373 rear end. 6.0L& 410 Axel will not get much better than 11 mpg @70mph. At least in an empty SRW 4x4 2500 pickup.....
  3. dirt870

    Trailer door head pad

    Orange Pool Noodle. Razor knife about a 1/4 of the diameter and drywall screw with plaster washer at far edges. The removed 1/4 fits makes a great outside corner.
  4. dirt870

    Double Stuff Saturday 12/30?

    Fun times.
  5. I used a 98 explorer v-6 4x4 4 door pulling a 6x12x 6'6" high enclosed trailer guessing 3000 lbs no trailer brakes and not v front end. Basically to much wind drag, always felt like i was flogging it to do 60 down the highway out of overdrive always. Oh and mileage was 10 mpg at best. Good luck.
  6. dirt870

    Thermostat problem?

    Sober, friend, trust, rev it up. Please do tell this story. It has to be good.
  7. I bought a Aluminum framed X Cargo mate back in 2000. I never thought about keeping it for 10 years. Price difference steel vs aluminum was same back then but I wish i went one step further and went at least a 7 X 16 with brakes since i haven't followed thur on my plan to upgraded yet. Same wind drag. Aluminum or stain less fasteners & door hardware are very nice upgrades too. Thats just my hindsight.... Then one must then personalize the interior
  8. Had similar set up, it will get there and will get very thirsty and definitely needs electric brakes. Good luck
  9. What happens to the grease? Flavoring for the hay?
  10. dirt870

    Blue Headlights?

    I put the a blue light in my sled and the stock light provides better visibility and doesn't piss off on coming traffic or if you are following in a group. The silver ones you have are probably the best bang for the buck. Even more so if someone has a wreck, gets a ticket or late night azz kickin' over so called Cool!
  11. Much to pretty inside, would have remove work cloths before getting in. 60 ez payments of $1,100.00 a month.
  12. dirt870

    MotoVan Build

    Heal up & get back to work so you can afford more toy:thumbsup: Cool set up.
  13. What did you pull home?
  14. I have a 6x12 and orginally wanted a 6x14 vnose with a all aluminum frame single axle back in 2000 couldn't find one. Got and still have same Cargomate 6x12 aluminuim frame with +6" height, torchen bar suspention, flat nose and i'm sure it has the same amount of wind drag. If i thought i would still have the same trailer today i wouldn't have payed cash for new, I should have went bigger atleast 7x16 or first small toy hauler with 24or36 months of payments. Just my $.02 good luck.
  15. dirt870

    Knee Cap Cracked

    Is it likely that you can break your knee cap without an impact injury? Could a twist after acl rebuild cause this?