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  1. Have 06 CRF250 and have read some bad things about the stock wheels. Yesterday towards the end of a ride, my back tire felt like it was skating. Got out of woods and back to the truck. Basically the wiggle was that my spokes on both sides had released from the hub all at once, no tension on any of them. Is the wheel gone, can it be re-laced? Any help, thanks.
  2. mcarbonie

    Helmet help

    I spotted a great deal on ebay for a new helmet. It's a Fox V3 in XL. May wear a large. My current ONeil is an XL. I think I am in between sizes. If I get the helmet and it's a tad too big, could I not just get a set of large cheek pads and snug it up? I know the shells are all the same size. I have tried to go to a few bike shops to try one on but no luck finding a V3 for comparison. Thanks.
  3. mcarbonie

    Seat height

    Any of you guys that have gone to an aftermarket seat that still has the factory foam taking up space, I would be more than happy to take it off your hands. I shaved my seat foam to lower the height and, while I like my feet on the ground, I discovered two problems with this. I have limited movement because of a couple of knee surgeries and with the lower saddle, it is tougher for me to use the back brake effectively. Also, that extra inch or so of lifting by big rear end off the saddle from a lower seated position a few hundred times on a long ride, adds up. So, I think I willl return to original.
  4. OK, I have an '06 CRF250X and a buddy that is really wanting to buy it. I love the bike, have done some mods, but am considering going to the "08 CRF250R if I sell the X. I am rarely on a track, 80% woods but fast trails. Not too much ultra technical. The weight savings and steering damper are very appealing. I have never needed a headlamp. Will I miss the magic button...oh yes, but I will get over it. Probably will go with Rekluse setup. I am 45, but in pretty good shape for an old man. Most of the guys I ride with are youger and on 2 bangers or moto x bikes and I have no problem keeping up. Am I making the right move? Oh, one more thing...that black is BAD!
  5. mcarbonie

    1st ride on rekluse

    Thanks, I just searched rekluse. Was not paying attention to the forum.
  6. mcarbonie

    1st ride on rekluse

    Great to hear while I am deciding. Did you go with the the rear brake lever and are you riding a 250 or 450. Thanks
  7. mcarbonie

    Rekluse Question

    Considering a Rekluse for my CRF 250X but most of the comments are from those that have gone with the perch adjuster. My secondary purpose would be to have the rear braking capability on the handlebars. I am 45 and get to ride maybe 2x per month. Won't ever be expert and struggle with rear braking in a seated position. Thus, in quick, tight turns, I sometimes grab too much front brake with sometimes bad results. I have a mtn biking background and love the thought of having control of both brakes on the handlebars. Would love to hear from those that have gone this route and do you miss the clutch control. I will never be on an MX track. Thanks for feedback.
  8. mcarbonie

    First ride on 06 250x. Trouble starting

    No, my TTR 250 was like that which is why I paid special attention to the on and reserve setting because the Honda is opposite. Thanks anyway.
  9. Took my first ride on my new ride yesterday. Awsome. However, about 10 miles in the bike stalled and would not restart.Checked the fuel numerous times even though I knew it had a full tank at the start. My buddy headed back to the truck and, as I sat there not happy, I flipped to reserve and it fired up. I triple checked that I did not have these backwards. I rode on in. What to troubleshoot? Could the line from the main have gotten trash and not the reserve or are they even seperate? Thanks for the help.
  10. mcarbonie

    '05 or '06 decision

    Sold the TTR 250 yesterday and turning Red. It was a great bike to get me back in the saddle after 15 years, but I am ready to step up and pull the trigger on a 250X. My question... I can still get a new '05 or '06 from the dealer. I have done a lot of reading but am asking for help to determine if it is worth $500 more to go '06. I know there are some minor tweaks in setup that I would probably never notice at my skill level, but it also seems that there were some changes to improve the dreaded v-word issue. Also new to TT. Cool site. Thanks for the input.