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  1. Unfortunately I took a digger a few weeks ago and bent my header pipe on my 2001 426. I picked one up off EBAY and was told it came off a 2002 426. I now have the pipe and trying to install it. It is bigger in diameter at the muffler end and it doesnt seem to line up properly at the cylinder head. I am guessing maybe it is a 450 pipe from like a 2003? Anyone swapped pipes or know what will interchange? Thanks.
  2. I was just on the HOTCAMS website this morning they have step by step instructions on there you can print off. Good luck!
  3. Is it possible maybe the timing jumped or something along those lines using the decomp to shut it down? Just thinking out loud. My experience when a vehicle runs then no runs again usually timing related.
  4. I picked up my 2001 426 for $2200 and it in 99% stock except for flywheel weight and gripper seat otherwise original and very nice.
  5. I just got my 2001 yzf426 super clean unmolested gripper seat renthal bars and flywheel weight only add ons for $2200 Im very happy with that.
  6. What fuel can you run with the cam upgrade will 93 pump gas work without ping?
  7. I have a 2001 426 and agree I just bought it,tried to ride it for the first time last weekend and could not cold start it. Luckily I was near a hill and roll started it. after that it was firing fine warm.I was nervous because i felt if I couldnt start it cold I was done.i read your forum and did the resistor swap yesterday,and cold started it on the first kick with regular shoes!!!!I have also considered this cam upgrade for simplifying the gadgets to start the bike and it looks like HOTCAMS sells a cam with decomp and performance improvement for under $200.00 why not use this? just curious,this forum is great and I really love the big block feel of my 426 over past kx250 bikes I had forever.Thanks for listening Im ready for the beating LOL.
  8. any updates/simple mods that actually make a difference I should consider?
  9. Just picked up a 2001 yz426f last night in beautiful unmolested condition super clean for 2200 bucks the only add ons are a gripper seat and fly wheel weight without having ridden it without the weight am I losing a lot of snap?
  10. I agree I always had KX250's I loved them but have had more fun switching to 4stroke. definately a good choice.