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  1. Shaun 1

    Who got tools with their 2007 TE?

    Just got my 07 Te 510 in 11/06. It's the best bike I've had so far. No tools included and I was told they are not included on 2007 bikes by cagiva.
  2. Just got a 07 Te 510. Does anyone know or have pictures of how the passenger footrests are mounted? I think some of my parts are missing but not sure. How many tools are in the factory tool kit?
  3. Shaun 1

    Which wheels will fit?

    Soon as I get a chance I want to measure my 98 Te 610 wheels and see if they will work on my 07 510 . I read that you have to change the bearings.
  4. Shaun 1

    610 will not run

    You should be able to see the marks from where it was. We used a scuff wheel to clean and JB WELD to reglue . If you cant get it lined up right send it to George @ Uptite he can repair it for you.
  5. Shaun 1

    2007 Te 510

    I just picked up my 07 TE510 last evening. I put 39 miles on today mix of dirt and street. What a huge difference from my 98 Te 610. I can't believe how smooth and tractable it is down low but if you want to go better hold on.
  6. Shaun 1

    2007 Te 510

    Glad to here some good info on 07 Te510 . I'm thinking of getting one to replace my 98 TE610. Spousal unit gave me a PO as long as other bike is sold 1rst. I'm having a hard time getting any interest in it , guess it's too old......
  7. Shaun 1

    help!! hard starting te410 when hot

    My buddy changed his ignition because of this on his 99 410. It seemed to solve the problem.
  8. Shaun 1

    1998 TE 610 question

    I have a 98 TE610 that's has been dual sported, pro action suspension front and rear renthal bars, acerbis hand guards new chain & sprockets. Bike is in very good condition with exta parts also. I'm thinking about upgrading to a new model . How much is this worth ? It also has an uptite pipe on it. Huskys are not very popular in my area so I do not forsee selling it locally. Any advice will be very helpful. Thanks Shaun