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  1. Thanks, I knew about the carb angle but not the case issue. I've also read about updates to the suspension. I'm wondering how many have had issues with the case cracking? That scares me.
  2. To add to my conundrum, there are a few new leftover 2017 xc and xc w 300s in my area. Is there any reason to NOT consider a 2017? I usually like to get the latest model, but the $ savings is hard to ignore.
  3. You all are making this decision a little easier. Thanks for all the great insight.
  4. I did read up on the Huskys. First of all I was a little skeptical of the composite sub frame and more importantly, all my gear orange in it😊
  5. Thanks for the info, that's definitely a big nudge towards the xc.
  6. Hi, coming over here from the four stroke forum. I'm comming off a 500 exc and am torn between the 300 xc and xc w. I know it's probably a question that has Been asked a thousand times, but I have been doing searches here and elsewhere for the last couple weeks and can't seem to find any good info to sway me one way or another. If I had to pick one based on the info I've read, I would choose the xc. FYI I live in Pa. and ride mostly wooded atv trails and single track. My last 2 stroke was a 1991 300 mx (I LOVED THAT BIKE). Thanks for any input.
  7. Just an update, the tail light worked for one day after repair! Now I have no headlight or talilight. Problem is in the same harness cause I can flex the harness and get the lights to flicker. I think what I'm going g to do is lengthen all the wires in that harness. Just irratating to have to piss with wiring issues. KTM needs to step up and build more durable wiring harnesses. A new 300 xc is looking good right now.
  8. The bulb is fine. Things are rarely that simple for me!😕
  9. Thanks for everyone's help. The problem was a bad section of one of the white wires in the main harness that starts behind the headlight and travels back to the connectors under the seat. This is the second wire in that same bundle that I had to repair. I am pretty disappointed in KTM for the cheap wire they use as well as the lousy job they do routing the harnesses. This particular harness as well as a couple of others bend at the same point everytime you turn the handlebars. Now I have to wrap all the wires back up and hopefully get them back near their original position so that everything fits.
  10. Thanks guys, I hope it is a problem at a connector as I really don't want to have to chase through a maze of wires. Ill let you know what I find!
  11. I have a 14 500exc. Yes the turn signals work.
  12. Hi all, I could really use some help. I noticed that my tail light and plate light are not working (brake light does work via both front brake lever and rear brake pedal). I do have a wiring diagram, but it is not much help as I am not good at reading them. From past experience I am thinking there is a broken wire somewhere. If anyone has experience with the lighting system wiring, I could really use some help. Thanks
  13. Thanks guys, I think I'll just leave it alone
  14. That sounds like a good place to start. Thanks