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  1. scott72

    Vforce 4 reeds on 2018 300 xc

    Thanks for the conformation 👍
  2. scott72

    Vforce 4 reeds on 2018 300 xc

    Hello, Can anybody confirm for me that when installing the VFORCE 4 on a 2018 300xc, there is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE a gasket between the reed cage and intake boot? Only gasket used goes between engine case and reed valve. Just wanting to make sure I'm reading the instructions correctly. Thanks
  3. scott72

    Countershaft Sprocket Washer moved - 2018 300

    Thanks for the info. I was going to do the same. Now I think I'll just get rid of all markings and forget about it. 👍
  4. scott72

    Countershaft Sprocket Washer moved - 2018 300

    Thanks, good too know it's nothing serious
  5. scott72

    Countershaft Sprocket Washer moved - 2018 300

    I know this is an older thread, but I've noticed the same thing going on my 2018 300 xc. Just wandering what you did to correct this issue?
  6. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    Any noticeable increase in vibration. Doesn't the kit come with aluminum pieces that replace the rubber bushings that come stock on the 300 xc?
  7. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    Is the 1 inch increase in bar height a big deal? It was nice on my 500 exc, but the bars on the 300 seem to be higher as is.
  8. scott72

    New member 2018 Ktm 300xc problems 2.5hr

    It's clutch material. This was your first Trans oil change on a brand new bike! Does it run fine? Does the transmission work properly? Just ride it and have fun.👍
  9. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    How do you like that setup? Did you consider the solid sub mount?
  10. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    I like having it on there for the piece of mind from the hidden rocks and roots. It sucks that just the mount is so expensive. I didn't think I would have a hard time selling the one off my 500 but no takers yet.
  11. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    Wow, I talked to Scott's a few weeks ago and they were out of them then ! Are you leaning towards the solid sub mount for your 300?
  12. scott72

    Scott's Steering damper (sub mount)

    Are you using the BRP solid sub mount for the Scott's damper, or is it a different setup?
  13. I was wandering if anybody is running a Scott's stabilizer with the sub mount on a 2017 or 2018 300? If so, are you using the rubber mounted submount or the solid? I was using the rubber sub mount on my 2014 500 exc and it did help with vibration ( that bike vibrated a lot more than my 300 xc). If I ever sell the mount from the 500, I'm not sure if it is necessary to spend the extra money for another rubber sub mount for the 300. Any thoughts? Thanks
  14. scott72

    300 jetting database

    Hi, I have a 18 300xc with about 5 hours on it. Everything is stock just the way it was when I bought it. Jetting doesn't seem too bad, maybe rich at low rpm? Has anyone found a setup that works better with the extra needle and jets that come with the bike? 800 - 1500 ft. 60 - 80 deg. F 60:1
  15. scott72

    Going old school...With...

    First ride yesterday. Unbelievable!! I realize now that I was torturing myself on the 4 stroke. I rode the bike exactly as it was delivered and it performed better than I could of imagined. I'm not an expert by any means, but the suspension felt really good to me. The engine runs strong, the idle began to hang a little bit after I got a couple hours on it so I will need to do some carb tuning. I did run some tight single track that normally exhausted me on the 4 stroke. The 300 xc was just so much easier to ride In every way. Having never ridden an xc w, I can't compare the two, but the gearing on the xc seems plenty low enough for the toughest trails that I ride. I am totally happy with my decision to get the 300 xc.👍👍👍