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  1. exvet


    just a taste of what took place!
  2. exvet

    Stolen Beta Rev3 2007,Manlius,N.Y.

    some things, never change!
  3. exvet

    Track Rock trials pics

    Thanks, Chad. I got 3rd on Saturday (1 point behind Hoover) and 4th on Sunday again, just behind Hoover! had a great time and only about crapped myself once. half a second after the rock photo was snapped, went off the left side of the big rock! No Worries! Tim
  4. exvet

    Track Rock trials pics

    http://www.advrider.com/forums...5402245#post15402245 just a few pics from this past weekend, Thanks Rainmaster! Tim
  5. Hi Chad, I have it in mind to come down the day after the STRA banquet. Sam and Randy are on board with this also. So try to keep Sunday the 9th of January open to set up the next event. Let me know if this will work with you and Jason. Tim
  6. Chad, great job with the event yesterday. can't wait for the next one. I see a great future for trials in north central Alabama. we are very fortunate to have the Ridge as another event venue "incredible terrain and great southern hospitality!" Thanks, Tim
  7. exvet

    Bctc winter series

    Hi Chad, I will be there Sunday for sure, Sam, Charlie and Alan should make it as well. I also have Score Cards! Can't Wait!!!! Tim
  8. exvet

    Suspension question ??

    Hey chad, if the bolt that passes through the shock bushing threads in from the right then you're good to go. My 2010 felt way soft after greasing all the bearings as well. GG probably does like most other manufactures,they put just enough grease in the bearings to keep them from rusting while in the shipping crate. =) Tim
  9. Chad, Is it just going to be you and I? Tim
  10. exvet

    2007 Gg 280 Pro overheatig

    Hi RayIn, I had a 07 300 Pro that would do something similar on the long climbs at the TTC. What I found was the plastic Impeller would actually spin on the impeller drive shaft, both the threads of the shaft and impeller were worn enough to let the impeller basically free wheel. Section riding, it would circulate enough fluid to keep it from spiting fluid, but higher rev situation for extended periods time and it would spit fluid every time. good luck, Tim
  11. exvet

    TLR skid plate

    thanks for the info, I have to do something quick, the stock plate is no match for the rocks at TTC! Tim
  12. exvet

    TLR skid plate

    anyone know where I can purchase a heavy duty skid plate for a 86' Honda TLR200? Thanks, Tim
  13. exvet

    Trials Video's online?

    Moto and Bike trials, indoor action. http://www.photobysergio.fr/ TC
  14. exvet

    looking for a used trials bike

    http://www.bottlerunxtreme.com/default.asp?page=Home I think they are in williamsport. good luck and welcome to Trials. TC
  15. exvet

    reflex suspension

    try, http://www.bjracing.com/ they can answer any ? and have all the goodies for TLRs TC