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  1. davetacoma

    DRZ in a sea of BMW's

    My riding buddy has a beautiful F650 BMW. I asked him how he liked it. His immediate reply: "It's heavy..." For the difference between what he paid for his, and what I paid for mine, I can (if I want): Buy farkles for the Suze... and there are *alot* of goodies I can think of having Take time off from work to ride... Etc....
  2. davetacoma

    Who's running what...tires that is.

    Hello, For what this is worth, me being a beginning off-roader (gravel roads, nothing technical or single-track) I have a '01 DRZ400 w/ D606. I have commuted to work through Tacoma in the rain and been above-mentioned gravel roads and have *zero* complaints. When I first got the bike, I was concerned about the knobbies on the street. But they have been great, even out on the freeway at 70+ mph. I would get them again. My 0.005¢
  3. Very classy! Keep the stripes. Almost too nice to get dirty!
  4. davetacoma

    A Noob wonders about Belfair Gravel Pit, Tahuya, Etc....

    Thanks again for all the replies. The reason I had shied away from the Capitol Forest idea (although you couldn't know that) was because a couple of my friends who ride said that's not really a place for beginners ( mud was too deep, etc) but I can see i will have to check it out for myself. Thanks again for everything.
  5. davetacoma

    A Noob wonders about Belfair Gravel Pit, Tahuya, Etc....

    Man, this is awesome input, guys ( and gurl ) I am so appreciative of all the encouragement and hints about where to go. Thanks! Any other roads anyone knows about on the east side of the Narrows, closer to where I live(in Lakewood)? I suspect there may be something out past Yelm near the Bald Hills, and plan to do some exploring myself, but hints are always appreciated.
  6. davetacoma

    A Noob wonders about Belfair Gravel Pit, Tahuya, Etc....

    thanks guys! I think I will do the dirt-ride course, then, since some familiarization will help out, and it will probably be in a less-challenging area. BTW, my son was along... so I wasn't alone. We trucked the bike over. He took a few laps around the place, and had a blast. Too bad we only have one dirt-capable bike. And, oh yes.. faster did seem to be better than slower but it also seemed more like the bike was taking me for a ride instead of the other way around. I think the dirt course could fix that, though. Well...if anyone else wants to log in on this, all comments are welcome. (sorry about all these smilie things...got carried away!)
  7. Hi All : I have "zero" dirt / off-road experience. I am also new to motorcycling in general, riding since last November. I took the MSF course --no prob -- and I commute to work almost daily, either on the DRZ400, or my '83 Honda 650 Nighthawk. I am 51, have a kid going into college, work for myself (barber) and *cannot* get busted up (or there's no one to pay the bills). I was at the Belfair (Sand Hill) Gravel Pit today with my new (to me) DRZ400. It was a totally new experience, for sure. I had all my armored stuff on, because, like I said, I don't want to get broken.... I basically tooled around the parking lot -- almost empty on a Monday -- and then went down the "ramp" into the pit, turned around and came back out. I did that a couple more times, but that is about it. I was mostly in first gear, but gassed the bike to get through some loose, large rocks and all that jazz. I didn't focus on the area in front of my tire -- well, most of the time I didn't -- but looked out well ahead, etc. I tried to use what info I have picked up reading about riding in the loose stuff. No dump-er-oos at all... But this area is more challenging than I had in mind. Sorry to be a weenie, but that's the way it is My questions are: 1) Are the roads leading back into Tahuya the same as the gravel pit, worse, or easier? and 2) Is the MSF dirt-riding course worth the time? I just want to be on some fairly unchallenging dirt roads at this point. Am I going to the wrong place? Sorry this is so long. Hope someone with experience out there, and with a bit of sympathy for an old, old beginning rider has some input for me. Thanks in advance
  8. davetacoma

    My First Year with my DRZ

    Hi, all -- My first year with a DRZ400 starts right now, tonight. I am going to pick it up in a 1/2 hour. 2001 model with only 3500 *easy* dirt miles -- the guy didn't even commute with it! I thought I wanted a KLR650. I thought that for a long time, but then this came along and I succumbed. I have a feeling it will be a very pleasant experience. Dave