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  1. dsquirrel

    need an exuast for yzf

    dude you need to learn how to spell .use the spell check. how old are you??????????????????//
  2. maybe he wants a quiet one for trail riding, alot of areas are cracking down on noise . we dont want to loose any more places to ride.
  3. dsquirrel

    I have a problem and i Need Help

    check the lower connecting rod bearing my bike had the same symptoms it was real hard to kick over and then it would free up it cost me 550 to replace the crank and bearings wasnt a hard job with a manual. good luck.
  4. dsquirrel

    2001 yz250f

    thanks ill check the clip position while its apart, dave.
  5. dsquirrel

    2001 yz250f

    thank you ill take the carb apart and check it blow everything out while im in there when i bought it it always started right up not riding as much now dave.
  6. dsquirrel

    2001 yz250f

    hi anyone have any ideas why my yz250f fouls plugs? if i put a new plug in it it starts and runs great. if it sits for a while it wont start. the plug is all sooty if i clean it it will run again doesnt smoke or use oil havent tried adjusting the screw on the bottom of the carb. new air filter no difference. any thoughts? im new at four strokes. thanks.
  7. dsquirrel

    Crank siezed, Causes?

    my 2001 yz250f seized the rod bearing too after the first ride of the year these are dry sump motors i was told by a dealer it you had moisture in the oil before you put it away for the winter it could cause rust pits on the pin surface dont know if its true but im going to start mine all winter like i do my snowmobile in the summer. dont want to spend another 550.00 to fix it
  8. dsquirrel

    Shavings in the motor

    i lost the connecting rod bearing on my 2001 yz250f i dissasembled it and also had shavings everything was fine other than the lower conn rod bearing i put in a new yamaha crank, rod assembly and new crank bearings if you can do it yourself 540.00 i used a factory manual to do it very detailed directions on working on it.
  9. dsquirrel

    my 2001 yz 250f

    not sure i bought it used it goes great now with a new bottom end i may have been babying it i dont do that now.
  10. dsquirrel

    Locked motor ( conn. rod )

    once i got all the bolts out i missed the one where the oil line hooks to the left case just above it i lightly tapped on the bolts with a rubber hammer and they came apart
  11. dsquirrel

    Locked motor ( conn. rod )

    i lost the same thing on my 2001 yz250f first ride i got a yamaha crank assy new crank bearings and a gasket set for 545.00 i put my crank bearings in with a large threaded rod and flat washers and nuts they went right in its a real easy motor to work on just get the dealer manual it was easy with this i hope it goes well mine goes great
  12. dsquirrel

    WR just stopped dead on me today

    i was able to get the flywheel off my 2001 yz250f with a 3 jaw puller it came off real easy
  13. dsquirrel

    Grenaded my motor today.... :cry: :cry:

    mine let go after the first ride this year. i lost the lower connecting rod bearing. ill not run it at low revs if this causes it. 550 for parts ill check my oil pump for scoring while its apart 2001 yz250f .i was told by a dealer that if you have moisture in your oil over the winter it can cause the bearings to get rust pits in them dont know if its true but im going to start mine once in a while over the winter to avoid this.
  14. dsquirrel

    my 2001 yz 250f

    all apart replacing crank assy and crank bearings 500.00 for parts. very easy engine to work on
  15. dsquirrel

    my 2001 yz 250f

    got it taken apart lower connecting rod bearing is what is causing the lock up have to get cases apart to replace it no damage to top end