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  1. Starting the RXV or SXV cold, warm or hot is not difficult once the bike is properly set up and the rider understands the fuel injection system just enough to press the yellow button. : ) On my bike, the throttle cable was slack so the cold idle detent (of the yellow button) had no effect on the actual butterfly valve in the throttle bodies. Once I pulled the slack out, the yellow button worked and cold or warm started was easy. Easier than any thumper carb bike I've ridden. There's a procedure for setting the idle and throttle positions using the diag tool. I'm told -- but don't know -- that some bikes might not have been set up correctly, especially if the derestriction process wasn't done completely.
  2. rxv

    2007's Hit the Floor Today

    I created another thread on the topic, but if you see legit details on the 525 street legal, I think I might not be the only one thinking about a new bike ... : )
  3. Well, another month gone and Aprilia still hasn't deliver the RXV. Groan. When are the '07 KTMs (especially the street legal 525 EXC-G ... or whatever it will be called next)? I'm told two months, but I see the reviews are happening, so maybe sooner? (optimist!) Adam
  4. I'm no expert, but from experience with a KTM, I'd suggest the street suspension will be too stiff. Just swapping out the wheels and bolting on bash plates isn't going to make for a fun dirt bike.
  5. rxv

    Comparing 510 w/ KTM 525 EXC

    I wish I could ride both bikes. Local dealers (Bay Area) seem to think a demo is what happens after you pay and you're "out the door." I haven't been on a Husky for longer than I care to remember. Two stroke "farm" bike. Nothing but reliable and easy to start on half a kick, two gallon tank lasted about a full day of riding ... I've ridden KTM a bit lately. The 525 is the appeal over a 450 (I'm six foot, 230lb) and I like a little extra power to hide some of my worse riding ... when in doubt, pin it ... (ps. It's a bizarre world, as I was typing, I looked up to see a photo of President Bush giving the Chancellor of Germany a neck massage ... ??? ... The Daily Show is scary sometimes ... )
  6. With KTM offering their '07 bike as a CA 50-State street legal, I'm interested in advice from Husky '06 510 owners on the pro's and con's on the 510 (in any model) compared with the KTM. I am STILL waiting for the Aprilia to ship and might jump ship on the RXV (which won't be streetable until the next model year) and get either the '07 KTM (estimated arrival two months away) or the Aprilia (arriving "real soon now" ... and has been since April ...) And if I go Husky, which shops in the Bay Area offer the best service/support/price? Cheers,
  7. rxv

    best deal on ktm's?

    That seems like a killer price. Is that really "out the door" or just the list/sticker? Out the door in the Bay Area (I'd check three KTM dealers) seems to fall around $7300 based on about $6400 "sale" price for an '06.
  8. The cheapest way I've thought of is a couple of 1 inch PVC water pipes (that have open ends so they join together and pull apart easily) to go up maybe 20' and stick a short length of cement reinforcing rod in the ground and drop the pipe over the rebar. Then a "marker light" for trailers (any RV or boat/marine store sells these in pairs for about $20) which use LEDs and run off 12v, so a wire to a small battery and you've got a bright, long, marker pole light. There are RV flag pole companies (just Google it) and they have winch winders to lift the telescopic segments of the pole up to any height you want to pay for. These are the things you sometimes see on the $100K+ RVs lined up in the paddocks at the races. Again, an LED trailer marker pole on top of the flag pole (and the customary national flag, if you like) and you have a night and solution. A flag on the PVC pipe might be a bit too much in the desert wind in the evenings. Some PVC is thicker/stiffer than others. I found some at a home maintenance store (home depot) that was grey and much stiffer than the white stuff. A bit of craftsmanship with carefully cutting and taping the LED marker lights can result in a symbol or lettering to stand out from the all the other campers doing the same thing these days. Cheers,