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  1. HillsnTrails


    Yep, if you race, it happens. Sometimes rider error, and sometimes mechanical (gate) error.
  2. HillsnTrails

    Simple bump seat question

    Bump seat refers to a technique where the rider sits on the seat allowing his weight to compress the rear suspension more than if he were to stand, as he leaves the face of a jump. I think you are trying to describe a seat with a step in it, to keep the rider from sliding back upon acceleration.? Is that correct? Hills
  3. HillsnTrails


    First time on a bike and he was thinking that it drives like a car...funny.
  4. HillsnTrails

    Starting to get some whippage... lol

    Any chance you can break down (in words) how you whip your bike? I am jumping 45ft doubles but whipping doesn't come naturally to me.
  5. HillsnTrails

    A good picture I wanted to share...

    I am another 41 y/o rider, who just started 3 years ago. Nice air, and keep up the progress.
  6. So I am learning....hahahaha.
  7. HillsnTrails

    Transmission Drain Plug and oil

    Wow! Thanks for the effort of posting a picture...very considerate indeed.
  8. HillsnTrails

    Transmission Drain Plug and oil

    Thanks Socal Sierra. If that is the trannydrainwhere is the oil drain? Thanks again.
  9. HillsnTrails

    Transmission Drain Plug and oil

    I just had my 2006 450R re-assembled. The guy who is assembling it for me called and has asked me about Oil/transmission levels. Since I don't have a manual the sticky on this thread was very helpful. He can't find a seperate drain plug or the transmission oil to ensure it is fully drained. I know it's an very dumb question but I am not with the bike to inspect it and I haven't owned an 06 CRF before. Any help to locate the drain plug would be appreciated greatly. Also, Since I am in a foreign country I don't have access to "Honda Transmission oil". What I have available here is Honda 4T (10-30) It says that it is suitable to run in two stroke transmissions. Will this work in my 450R? Thanks.
  10. Yeah but they are all photoshopped...hahahaha Yeah, I can tend to be gullible sometimes. Maybe he didn't really do that...on second thought it was a two stroke. Thanks. Regarding work here in the Philippines - As a foreigner, the law staes that you cannot work here. There are, however exceptions, and what some guys do is just open a business in their girlfriends/wifes name. But as you might guess, that type arrangement gan go south easily. Many single Filipinas end up owning businesses. I don't like to use the word "retired". Let's just say I saved a lot during ten years of practice as a chiro.
  11. HillsnTrails

    Homemade trail video

    Very nice singletrack. I miss it.
  12. HillsnTrails

    Which Pic Is Better?

    I like #1 and #3.
  13. HillsnTrails

    New Bikeee

    Very nice bike. This is just a suggestion, but I would heat guard that exposed pipe. Before and after the frame. I have an 06 525 and have melted many pants on the exhaust. By the looks of that pipe I would guess that you have too.
  14. HillsnTrails

    mx Race at Calambua, Philippines

    As the final heat ended the crowd was thinning, the organizer announced that he had food prepared for all of the riders and their families. There was a quick awards presentation... The kid in this picture (Jonjon) was only 11 years old, yet he was very fast. He beat many of the adult riders in their heats. When he was complimented, he accepted it graciously. An indication of good parents. My results were: 1st place - Beginner B (under 5 motocross races) 2nd place - Open enduro 1st place - Executive A 4th place - Open Sunset On to the food...we were very hungry. It was dark by the time we headed out, and all were tired. The drive home was about two hours and it was one of those drives where everyone is too tired to carry on conversation, so you end up reflecting on the day. I gave thanks for the unity and brotherhood among friends and people with the common interest of riding dirt bikes. Allan still got to compete in all of his classes on a borrowed bike, and he ended up with a podium place. I offered to lend him my 525 several times, but he. like most of the Filipinos just say they are scared of such a powerful bike and refuse. Once home my fiance' and I ordered in-house massage (2 hours each) :slobber: That is one of the perks of living here. The massages are considered expensive at 250 pesos per hour. That's US$5.00 We pay in advance and they show themselves out when they finish as many times we are asleep by the time they are done. :sleeping: I am told that next week (Sunday) there is a motocross race on a nearby island. I plan to enter. FYI: I supplimented this report with a few pictures from last years race as some of the scenes were not captured on film. One example was to give different angles on the jumps. Another example is the kids doing flips. They were present at both races, but we missed taking their pics at the most recent race. Those pics were from last year.
  15. HillsnTrails

    mx Race at Calambua, Philippines

    Candid shot of a race fan. Working hard to contribute to his family's living. I estimate that there were 8-10 different categories. I ran in four of them. I placed in three of the four races. Two of my classes ran back to back, which can make a difference. Catching my breath between heats. These guys would literally do back flips and front flips every time their favorite rider would pass by them... Fans showing their enthusiasm. I am betting that she still has hash marks on her butt from that hammock. :hihi: Selling "ice candy" $.02 each. Ice candy is just a homemade popsicle.