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  1. GONE1445

    Yz426 cam timing question

    Thanks for the input, I'll try re setting the exhaust when I re assemble Another question I had is the center intake was zero on clearance so I don't know how much smaller to go on the shim, do I need to torque the cam to spec each time I reinstall it to check clearance or can I get away with just snugging it down
  2. GONE1445

    Yz426 cam timing question

    I bought the bike used in 2003 so its at least that old,
  3. Ok I have to shim my valves and I put theengine at tdc per the mark on the flywheel The cams dont line up with the cylinder head could they have jumped timing? It looks like they are off the same amount tho and in the same direction
  4. Ok I got everything apart and checked the valves both exhaust valves where at .007 the low side to be in spec is .0079 so I have to shim those, the intake is where it gets bad possibly, both outside valves are .004 right at the lowend of spec but the middle valve I cant get anything to fit the smallest feeler gauge I have is .0015 and that won't go but I cant tell if its getting hung up on the cylinder head casting or the valve is just zeroed out I tried trimming a .002 shim down narrower and it didn't fit so I think the center valve has no clearance Is it normal for one to be that far off compared to the other two? And I didn't trim the .0015 shim down narrower because its not mine and I dont want to go cutting up someone's feeler gauge
  5. Ok I have a 2001yz426 last summer it started idling really high and adjusting the idle or fuel screw wouldn't help it either idled really high or not at all, took the carb off to clean and when I removed the top cover to take the slide out I found a bunch of dirt but I didn't see any in the intake so I cleaned the carb and replaced all the rubber seals Then I went to check the valves and when I went to remove the plug over the crank so I could turn it with a wrench to get the engine in the proper spot oil started leaking out, the bike has been sitting for a while but I don't remember oil being in there last time, do I need a new crank seal or what
  6. Yeah I do have a tusk fuel screw, it was intact, I think once I get some more free time I will remove the carb again and take all the jets out maybe I missed something and yes the float was right side up and moved freely What is a good starting point to have the fuel screw at I checked it before I took it out and it was a tad past 2 turns out, I usually have to adjust it a tad as it gets warm and humid or cools off
  7. Last summer I had an unscheduled dismount and smashed my left side radiator, I got the new radiator on no leaks, tried to start it and gas started leaking out the overflow so I took the carb off and cleaned it also replaced the needle and seat, bike still won't start has a new plug and I checked it has good spark, if I let it sit with the gas on for a min with choke it will hit a little bit but after that nothing
  8. Ok at the biggest point my Calgary are 19" around, I currently wear Thor t-30's which fit but all the straps are extended all the way they are size 12, I tried sg-10's in a 12 and 13 the foot area was perfect but with the straps fully extended I couldn't even reach the buckle let alone close em, I just got sidi crossfire ta's size 13 and the foot area fits good but the leg again isn't even close I can close the top strap because it has a mile of adjustment but the rest are no go and they are not even close to overlapping like they should before I try a size 14.5 in the sidi boots I want to know if the leg will actually be bigger they seemed to be on the sg-10's And I know the sidi's have a calf adjustment I have that all the way out and I don't even have my riding pants on that tuck in
  9. GONE1445

    yz426 any experience?

    yz426's are good bikes get an 01 or 02 if you get one both are pretty much the same the 00 model has SS valves vs Ti and it had a few other little bugs since it was the first year 426 power wise I'd say its pretty close to a 450 the 450 is a bigger motor but the 426 is running a higher compression ratio stock but a newer 450 will have a lot smoother powerband 426 has a pretty good hit so does the 03 YZ450 and as you get newer the power comes on smoother as long as you keep the oil changed and check the valves it should be a solid bike for you
  10. GONE1445

    How to dress you`r drz in carbon...with pics

    I recently cracked the gas tank on my YZ426 and thought about wrapping the new tank in CF once I get it so it wouldn't need to be water tight but structurally sound can you do that and it not be one piece of CF??
  11. GONE1445

    Re: Spark plug on 426

    also if you start your bike up from time to time like when you store it and dont let it warm up all the way they will foul usually
  12. GONE1445

    2001 YZ426 gearing down

    well I am at the point of needing a new chain and the front sprocket's teeth are starting to lay over the rear looks new still hmm but I figure I'll just order a 13 and 14 tooth front and a 51 rear keep the stock rear then I got some range to play with god knows the front end comes up easy enough as it is now lol
  13. GONE1445

    yz426f fork oil level

    I have mine set at 90mm they are stiff but I like em I also went to 7wt fork oil to
  14. I have an 01 426 with the stock 14/49 gearing and its a tad too fast for some of the tighter spots I get into so I want to gear it down should I go with a 13 front or a 52 rear? any suggestions I ride mostly woods but hit the track a few times to, any suggestions?
  15. GONE1445

    Time for a SE michigan trail

    I think I'll just move to the U.P and say screw it all