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  1. KX250F_79

    2009 Motocross prediction contest

    I'm down! This sounds pretty sick. Kudos to Rando!
  2. KX250F_79

    Still no kick start...

    Timing is right, 28 pins b/w the dots on the cams. Once it's bump started it runs like a champ...no sputter, backfire, etc...
  3. KX250F_79

    Still no kick start...

  4. KX250F_79

    Still no kick start...

    Alright. Jetting is dialed in and valves are in spec. It'll bump start but still no kick! I'm guessin it's a compression problem...new rings and the whole works?? Will that fix it i hope??
  5. KX250F_79

    one thing I don't like about my 09 kx250f

    I'm thinkin about that myself...anybody tried it?
  6. KX250F_79

    Looking to buy a kx250f, cant decided between 04/5 model or 06

    06 for sure! I'm constantly shimming the valves on my 04. The 06 is a waaay more reliable bike IMO....
  7. KX250F_79

    Spokes on '06 250F

    A few of mine were seized up. I coated em with some WD40 and let it sit over night...loosened em right up. Tourqued them to spec the next day...Track, here I come!
  8. KX250F_79

    why does my bike backfire?

    If you still have the stock fuel screw you can loosen the carb boots and rotate the carb enough to adjust the fuel screw. Just use a little flathead and your good to go! Be sure to tighten the boots back though...
  9. KX250F_79


    I'm pretty sure the stock decibel is around 102.
  10. KX250F_79

    Need Rims + Spokes for cheap $$$

    I've got a stock set from an 04 too. Good shape, i replaced with pro wheels and love em. PM if your interested...
  11. KX250F_79

    kx250f clutch help

    Mine is havin similiar problems. Wheres the washer located in the clutch basket? Does it make neutral easier to find??
  12. KX250F_79

    No Kick Start!!

    anybody? please!! lol
  13. KX250F_79

    No Kick Start!!

    Would the fuel screw on the bottom of the carb affect starting at all?
  14. KX250F_79

    No Kick Start!!

    Alright. Got a new filter and fresh gas. Still nothin, any ideas?
  15. KX250F_79

    No Kick Start!!

    jets and carb are clean. Just had the carb off a few days ago. Ill get fresh gas and new filter and see what happens...