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  1. Direct_Effect

    Newbie to mx

    Humm, well it should be vibration it has a RG3 top clamp with rubber insterts to help with vibration, ive never had this with my wr 426 but then ive never tryed mx with that!
  2. Direct_Effect

    Newbie to mx

    Hey all....I got a 2004 yzf 250 last yesterday and took it to a practice track today and man am I hooked! , I started off pretty slow but towards the end of the day I could pin it off the tabletops and clear some of the doubles, but I got lapped by most of the riders on the track but I wasnt the slowest! , but i ran into a few problems after about 3/4 laps my fingers ache really badly and its gets really hard to keep hold of it! I tryed to grip the bike with my legs and lossen my grip on the handlebars but it doesnt seem to help much, any tips for stoping this maybe there are some exersies I can to to built my finger mucles up? and is it me or can the gear leaver be really hard to find when you need it?
  3. Direct_Effect

    Be careful out there guys (and gals) ...

    R.I.P Dude ....Man this hit me hard.
  4. Direct_Effect

    Newbie question (sorry!)

    Hi....This might sound like a real newbie question but I have the chance to buy a brand new 2005 yz450 out of a crate for £2800 ($5,150). I just wondered how will it compare to a 2001 wr426 with all the yz mods? and im intrested in starting motocross and I know that a 125/250f is probley a good bike to start out on but this deal is too good to miss! btw im 18 years old and weigh 11 and a half stone if that makes any differnce! Thanks in advance!
  5. Direct_Effect

    Wr 426 Valve clearences

    Hi.....Could somebody please tell me what the intake and exhaust valve clearance'es should be on a 2001 wr 426 Cheers ,Gib
  6. Direct_Effect


    cool man...my 426 is still in lots of little plastic boxes at the moment ....ive only got 2 days riding out of it before it whent bang!! oh well its on its way to getin put back togehter and its gonna kick a$$
  7. Direct_Effect

    xt 600 on ebay

    What is with that gas tank? Ebay ad
  8. hey! lets see the pics of your chewed up motors!! My 2001 wr426 on the second day of owning it
  9. Direct_Effect

    Pics of whats left of my motor!!!

    Think thats bad look at my poor 426 motor Piston picy and yup that valve has stabed itself thorugh the pison!!