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  1. TT, Brother I feel your pain. Been riding for 40 years and never been down on the pavement. A lot of skill involved and an equal amount of luck. Glad you didn't bend anything because at our age things don't bend too well. T Man
  2. The facts are as follows. 2006 DR650 with 1400 miles on it. Is only ridden 3 times a month at present. Is ridden at speed on the highway, no off road stuff. Ran perfect, set for 2 weeks and now will not go past half throttle without bogging down. Sounds like it is only running on one cylinder. Oops. First drained tank and put in new fuel, carb cleaner and seafoam. Looked at plugs. They were covered with carbon indicating a rich mixture. Changed plugs to the recommended hotter plug. No change. Took side off air filter box. Now it will run past midrange but with a large bog down at that midrange point. Once past the mid point, it scoots good. Reinstalled air box cover and back to same exact symptoms. I know this is somewhat vague but I need help. Any would be appreciated. If I can help it I don't want to take it to the dealer and be told my bike has yahondaguchi homotrons and that will be $200. Traveling Man
  3. Just purchased one of these. Looks good installed. Easy to install. Good wind blockage on the torso. Only one problem. Wind stream hits right below my bottom lip. I am 5'9". Their ad says wind stream hits a 6'1" rider on the top of his helmet. Not so!! Product is ok other than that but I specifically bought it to keep wind off my face. Any comments? Traveling Man
  4. Get a tank bag on ebay. Nice for storage and has a plastic holder for your map. I have one on mine and it works great. Traveling Man
  5. I've heard it's bad to overfill your gas tank. How full is full and what constitutes overfilling? What would be the effect of overfilling?
  6. Thanks to all for the excellent answers. I'm going to lower the rear first and then go from there. Traveling Man
  7. Cheers all, I have read various posts on loosening the "clamps" and dropping down the front legs about 1 1/2". Are these the clamps that the fender and various other things are connected to. There are 2 large allen bolts that hold the legs tight on these clamps. There are rubber "seals?" below the triple tree and under the before mentioned clamps. How do you deal with them? I just don't see how this is done. Could someone give me a blow by blow description how this is done or some pictures. Thanks for your help. Traveling Man
  8. Thanks for all your comments. The more I ride the more I like it. Traveling Man
  9. Cheers all, After 4 vertical twins and 50 miles on the new DR I have various impressions I would like to share. First, does the DR not like to plod along in 5th gear at 40 mph? Sounds like it's lugging. This motor makes noises I'm not used to but I sure like the thump, thump sound. I haven't got a windshield installed yet so the wind noise is not allowing me to hear much after 40 mph. It's tall and that takes getting used to but the tallness seems to negate the impression of speed. It handles great and it is FAST. I don't know if I want it any faster by doing various mods. Rear brakes seem not to have as much stopping power as the drums on my old Rebel. Suspension seems OK for the road. Saddle is hard but I think I could used to it. Total impression is that I like it. Did I mention that it was FAST. Traveling Man