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  1. ozfam4

    Soboba Ride Tomorrow

    If its raining it can be slick at least in the first part and last part of loop 1. Loop 2 is hardly ridden and should provide the best traction. If it stops raining tonight it'll be absolutely perfect. Enjoy Tomorrow We'll get you back if you can't complete it.
  2. ozfam4

    Washing your bike?

    Ok here's the best kept secret I have. Home depot Zep orange oil. Rinse with normal hose, spray with undiluted ZEP orange oil, let it set a minute or 2, wipe with a terry cloth towel. When you rinse the bike the water will bead off due to the extremly light oil residue. Not oily to the touch and when dry won't look dried out like simple green. Spray the towel it'll come out white. Bike will keep its new look longer. For tougher stains on an aluminium frame I use mild scotch brite pads soaked in Orange oil.
  3. ozfam4

    wr sprokets

    I recently went from the stock 13/50 to a 14/51 combo. I ride single track,some fast and some extremely technical. First was to low virtually useless. 14/51 seems to even things up a little. 08 WR 450