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  1. hockeyandy791

    Yamaha any ideas for raptor 350 mods?

    I have a 2005 raptor 350 completeely stock and i want to get more power out of it. I really don't want to bore it out so if you have any other ideas.
  2. hockeyandy791

    Is a rev box the best idea?

    dude ur bike is a piece...!!!!! u got smoked by a totally stock 125 boy..!!!! chea!!!!!!!!! c u tommorrow
  3. hockeyandy791

    I have a little money

    like handle? bars and how would that help the performance
  4. hockeyandy791

    I have a little money

    I have a little mooney and I want to make some improvements to my bike's performance. I was thinking an exhaust, but what else should i get after that. My bike is a completely stock ttr 125. Also what type of exhaust is the best. I think i wanna go with either a big gun or a fmf.
  5. hockeyandy791

    I have a little money

    I have a little money and im looking to make some performance improvements on my bike. It's a completely stock ttr125. I have about 200 dollars. After i use that, what parts should i buy next.
  6. hockeyandy791

    What parts fit a xr200r

    I was wondering what parts (performance) would fit a 2002 xr200r. I was looking and i couldn't find any. Is there another type of bike that would fit.
  7. hockeyandy791

    What is the top speed of a XR200

    i was wondering what the top speed of a xr200 was.
  8. hockeyandy791

    How to make the seat height higher

    I have a stock 2003 ttr 125 and its not the L. HOw can i make the seight height taller. I was thinking maybe put the same size wheels as the L, but i don't know if they would fit. Please help!