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  1. kix450

    takes 25 kicks to start??

    I've had the same problem with mine. Especialy when out on the trails. Didn't think I would have to keep the 2-stroke mentality with the plugs. It's only the bikes second ride and I only got 10 hours of ride on the plug. Can't be happier with the ride, just wish it would start easier.
  2. kix450

    Twist throttle to easy.

    No for me it is exactly the ops. the action is to easy for me. I have a bad habit of gripping(for lack of better word) the throttle. I know the older kx's you could get a heavier return spring or a little tape in the twist tube.
  3. kix450

    Twist throttle to easy.

    Hey new guy on the block. love the 450. only one prob. Does anyone know if I canchange the stiffness of the twist throttle? Can I get a heavier return spring or what ?