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  1. Has anyone had the unfortunate experience of going thru a torn patella (knee cap) tendon injury. Tore mine at Mill Creek last week and have already had the surgery for the repair. So if anyone can give me information on the healing process and how was it if and when you got back to riding.
  2. Thanks for the info. I guess I should gave more information, but im in the Tennessee hills
  3. I just installed an FMF Factory 4.1 with mega bomb. Im getting a hesitation comming off idle. I called FMF and they recommended going up to 162 on main and 1/4 out on the fuel screw. some guys i have spoke with said thay are running stock jetting with the same exh system. Any advise?
  4. jp765

    2007 YZ450F Hour Meter

    Thanks but i have been told that i cant just wrap the wire around the plug wire and it work is this true
  5. Any ideas on a good location to place the meter and to wrap the wire.
  6. jp765

    What's the best chain?

    DID ERT2 Gold the only way 2 go
  7. jp765

    What boots should I go with??

    Tech 10's all the way.
  8. jp765

    throwing in the towel

    How old is old? I'm 41 and tore my ASL two weeks ago. I agree, I'll quit when I stop having fun. As for my knee I most likly will elect not to have sugery. I tore my right one 1.5 years ago and its doing fine. I still have no trouble jogging or riding.
  9. Does anyone have any give any help on setting up my compresion and rebound as far as clicks in and out front and rear. I am just getting back into riding motocross. I ride 40+ jumping no longer than 50 footers. I'm currently at 219 lb (and falling) on a 05' YZ450F. I know I need stiffer springs for my weight but I dont want to spend the money untill I reach my weight goal of 190. So I am looking for temp help on by bike.