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  1. motocrosser316

    2002 YZ426F problems

    Alright I may have a serious problem on my hands. I changed the plug on my 2002 YZ426F the other day and after I pulled the plug out I pushed the kick start down and tried covering the hole with my finger seeing if the bike still had compression forgetting the holes so far down . So anyhow I put the plug back in and got it all put back together and tried kicking it and it had no compression. I also noticed that the decompression lever didn't have any resistance to it like the valve with stuck, so I took the plug out and put everything back together; I noticed the decompression lever had resistance to it again so I'm guessing the valve got stuck somehow, but have no idea. I know its probably time for a new bike but would rather stay with the 426. I also thougth that I may need new rings or adjust the valves. any advice would be helpful thanks
  2. motocrosser316

    2002 YZ426F Troubles

    Alright I'm having some major troubles with my 426 I went to change the plug the other day and I pulled the plug out and pushed the kick start down to see if there was compression not thinking bout how far the plug is down and not being able to cover the hole:bonk: , well after that I put the plug in and got it all put back together and tryed kicking it and theres no compression in the cylinder and I also noticed that the de-compression lever was stuck. So I pulled the plug out and put it back in well same problem. The de-compression lever let loose and I could feel the resistance of the valve so that was a plus. I mean its probably time for a new bike but I wanna fix the problem I was thinking the rings could be bad, or probably need to adjust the valves. However any advice would be great.
  3. motocrosser316

    426 vs. 450

    I was just wondering because my first race is this weekend is there a big difference between the power and speed of the 450 and the 426, just curious
  4. motocrosser316

    426 question

    alright I got my 2002 YZ426F a few days ago, and I was riding it today and I pulled in the clutch and let the throttle out all the way and it died, it started back up fine but it did this a few times later on is this normal. I'm new to the four stroke bikes and I'm just wondering if I should be worried or not. I'm thinkin it could possible be the jetting but what do you guys think?