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  1. That's not a lemon. It's grenaded. Get your money back. Unless it was free
  2. 06 had bog issues if i remember. I've owned a 07 since 07 and have had no problems!
  3. Your cool, chill out.
  4. Is that Red river?? i think ive been there : When was this??
  5. Yea thats what alot people assume on the 250fs... if u take care of it you wont be changing valves and rebuiulding it alot. i was in the same boat as you ive ridden peoples 125s and am sure glad i went with the 07 250
  6. keep it clean and simple go with stock graphics
  7. looks Great!!
  8. ah to many colors!
  9. Yea ive been there its pretty nice
  10. 2nd half was better
  11. Pretty good music got annoying after awhile lol
  12. lol..guys its not that big of a deal chill :
  13. ive never seen this befor..