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  1. akurski

    Bad Bearing Alert!!!

    Motorex is all I ever use in the bike.
  2. akurski

    Bad Bearing Alert!!!

    I generaly run 40:1. On this particular ride I was running 36:1 because there were lots of high speed sections. Before I split the cases I looked at all the other options that would cause the bike to sieze. Everything looked and felt great. As soon I split the case you could see that the bearing was toasted. I took it to CrankWorks (a local outfit in AZ, very good) and they said that this scenario is very rare. They said that if I would have invested in the extended warranty that was offered at the time of purchase it would have definitely been covered. They said that most of the time this bearing can last the life of the bike without ever having to be replaced (if taken care of properly). I just hope that I find out what caused the problem so that it doesn't happen again 30 hours after I put this new bearing in.
  3. akurski

    Bad Bearing Alert!!!

    Well my 09 300XC siezed on me a week ago and I finally had time to tear it apart. My piston, rings, cylinder, etc, all looked fantastic. My rod bearings also looked great. The main bearing on the flywheel side, well, it was toasted. How can this happen? The bike has maybe 30 hours on it and I always run things a little on the rich side. The bearing on the clutch side looked perfect. My only assumption is that it was a bad bearing. Has anyone ever experienced something like this on a new bike? Needless to say I am pretty disapointed to see my new bike in pieces in the garage. I should have purchased the stupid extended warranty.
  4. akurski

    09 300XC Siezed!!! I think...HELP!

    Does anyone know of a link that may post steps and pics of servicing the starter and bendix? I am a virgin when it comes to tearing into two strokes so any and all info helps.
  5. akurski

    09 300XC Siezed!!! I think...HELP!

    I pulled the ignition cover this morning and there is grease all over everything. Is there supposed to be? There is also some rust in and on areas that do not have grease. I am obviously getting moisture inside. Any ideas on how that moisture is getting in there?
  6. On Saturday we were doing a ride from the Grand Canyon which included a lot of high speed riding. I did put on a 48T rear and changed my PV spring so that I wasn't in the power so soon. I never really ran it hard for any length of time. I also ran it rich. It ran great for about a 100 miles. Then I started to hear a squeal from around the motor. I stopped to check the GPS at one point and when I tried to start the bike with the E-start it wouldn't work. Then I tried to kick it and the kick starter didn't budge. It wasn't stuck in any gear so I did get a tow back to the main road. Any ideas? Could it be a bendix issue? I am a little disapointed as I thought I took pretty good care of my equipment but evidently not. I am supposed to do a race in 2 weeks so any help is appreciated.
  7. akurski

    I love my 300XC!!!

    I thought some of us would love to hear the sound of a KTM 2-stroke so I am posting this link to some helmet cam footage we took a few weeks ago out at the endurance race at the Grindingstone MX Park. How is the quality of this helmet cam? http://vimeo.com/3421635
  8. akurski

    gearing ?'s

    What size is the stock rear sprocket? I have gotten so used to running the bike with the RED PV spring that I forgot I have two others. Thanks for that tip. I think that will help out a ton as far as keeping it from hitting that powerband so quickly. Can a 44T sprocket work with the stock chain or would I have to invest in a smaller one?
  9. akurski

    gearing ?'s

    GMOSS, What are you talking about when you say "blocks"? Chain tensioner blocks? Also, would I benefit from a larger countershaft sprocket? What would be an easier change, the rear sprocket or countershaft sprocket? I apologize if I am sounding retarded but I haven't had to play with the gearing on any of my scooters.
  10. akurski

    gearing ?'s

    I have an 09 300XC (first 2-stroke I have ever owned and by far the best all around bike I have ever ridden). Most of the riding I do is tight single track so the lack of top speed doesn't annoy me too much. However, I am going to be doing a ride from the Grand Canyon to Phx. The route consists of mostly backroads, jeep trails and forest service roads. My 300 doesn't like forest service roads. At 50mph it sounds like there is no more gear (even though there is more but I don't like running it that hard for an extended amount of time). What is the easiest and best way to gear my bike so that I can run those forest service roads without rapping out the motor? I know a sixth gear would be nice but I'll keep dreaming. Also, what kind of mileage are you guys getting on a stock tank? I know I got 40 miles one time before I hit reserve. I haven't really pushed it to see what I can get. Since I will be starting at the Grand Canyon which is around 7000-8000ft elevation and will be coming down to about 2000-3000ft elevation, what kind of jetting would you recommend for a trip like that? Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Hopefully this link works. It is some helmet cam footage of a 6 hour endurance race we did out at GrindingStone Mx Park a few weeks ago. The video is of one complete lap (about 7 miles). Course included some sand washes, short endurocross section, single track and some of the mx track. Was lots of fun but pretty tiring. The next race in the series is in May. http://vimeo.com/3421635
  12. Some friends and I have decided to enter a series of endurance races with the first race being 6 hours, the second race 8 hours and the third race 10 hours. We can use two bikes and one of them will be my 09 300 XC. Any tips on running long endurance races? Any tips on keeping my bike from having mechanical failures during such a long race? Any extra items or parts that I should pack along incase something does happen? The longest race I have done so far was only 1.5 hours long. I think I am just a little paranoid about ruining my new scooter. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
  13. akurski

    Gear Box Oil Help, Quick!

    I was just prepping my bike for a ride tomorrow and I was changing my tranny oil. I realized I did not buy the same Motorex oil as last time. Last time I used the recommended Motorex 4T 15W 50. The stuff I accidentally bought this time is the Motorex 4T 10W50 Fully Synthetic. Is this gonna be okay or has anyone noticed poor shiffting or any ill effects from running a thinner viscosity oil? Gotta be ready for an early ride so I need to do something tonight. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
  14. akurski

    Loose piece in TC2 silencer?

    I know this is a little off topic, but will a Turbine Core II fit on a PC pipe? Right now I have the stock pipe with the TC II, but according to some posts, it sounds like the Pro Circuit pipe is the way to go. I don't wan't to buy the PC silencer if I don't have to. What about the FMF SST, anybody try that?
  15. akurski

    What's all this "PING" nonsense?

    Got a new bolt and tightened her up. Away went "hollow zing-zing". Also moved the clip on the needle up one notch and it seems to run a little smoother.