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  1. Problem resolved, I did need the jumper wire to the connector behind the headlight. Once that was connected I was able to use the key to turn on/off the headlight. It appears there is no way to turn off the headlight with the key turn on. I might wire a on/off switch to the headlight, just trying to think of a time when i would want the headlight off when the bike is running.
  2. hey guys I got a new 2010 530 exc and bought a TT-s-8310. Change everything out, no issues, went to connect the wires and as soon a I plug the red reg/rec wire in the other yellow wire from the wiring harness, the brake and head light come (yes the key is off) According to the TT video, the red wire is not used, but according to the instructions that came with the kit it is used. If I disconnect the red wire the head and brake turn off, but they do not some on when started. I have tried the 2 different yellow wires coming from the stator but it make no difference. anyone have or heard of this issue? thanks
  3. Guirey

    stuffed WR450

    Could you stuff a Raptor 700EFI engine into a WR450 frame? or would it be tooooo heavy?
  4. Guirey

    Baja Design Switch

    thanks for the replies, I guess I need to start hunting down a switch that can take off road riding. I don't mind a few extra bucks for something that will work correctly, BD sould take a look and have it redesigned, although I sure they are just buying from a 3rd party instead of having thier own made.
  5. Guirey

    Baja Design Switch

    I have a 06 WR450 that I installed a Baja Design DS kit, I have gone through 2 of the multi function switches. The problem I am having is with the hi/low button not working all the time. Sometimes I really have to **ck with it to get it to switch. I thought maybe the first switch was bad so I bought another one and get the same issues. Has anyone else had this problem, and if so what is the work around? Thanks
  6. Guirey

    '04 WR450 E-start wont work but turns over

    I'm having the same type problem, VOM reads: Started at idle 13.5 head light off started with head light on 12.6 started at 3500 (approx) 13.5 head light on battery peters out after 3 or 4 seconds. Does it sound like the battery will not hold the charge, or is the bike not putting out enough to charge the battery? Thanks
  7. Guirey

    Ridgecrest to Manson Hideout

    Any GPS tracks of the ride? Looks like a great trail.
  8. Guirey

    Dual Sport Ride Friday So Cal.

    Drove past cleghorn yesterday and I swear I thought I saw no parking signs between the 15 and the trail entrance, where are you suppose to park?
  9. Guirey

    Where did you ride your WR today

    60 mile loop over streams up to 6000' elevation and back down to 2500' only saw 1 other biker a 2 jeeps on the trail. Still had snow up there SoCal - the bottom of big bear 1N09
  10. Guirey

    What did you do to your WR today?

    New IMS tanks and front & rear tires.
  11. Guirey

    Ride Reno 200 Sept 30th

    I have not but looks like a good ride and a warm up to the LA-B-LV.
  12. Yes, I did mine after I bought it. Plenty of info on the board.
  13. Guirey

    michigan title color

    All Michigan title are green
  14. Guirey

    Pomona (60) FWY Riding Area?

    There a couple of areas right there about 2-3 miles East ofthe 15 fwy. It's Riverside County and the Sherif comes in and out of there all the time. I have been kicked out and I have been ticketed for OHV trespass. i don;t ride there anymore after the ticket. Ride at your own risk but it is a pretty small area, fun but small. Better off going to Baldy Mesa and ride all day long with no problems. http://www.quietbike.org/BaldyMesaMap.html