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  1. i like to put it in gear, rock it back in forth a few times, pull the choke and start it first kick. Just a method that works for me, someone taught me that a while ago, dont know if it doesnt anything but it sure works.
  2. very easy with tire irons, first you need to get the tire off of the bead. Do this by sticking the tire iron directly on top of the tire into the rim and push down. Do this all the way around the tire until the tire is off the bead on both sides of the rim. After that you slowly work your way around the tire popping the tire out of the rim piece by piece, i can do it all in about 10-20 mins. in the dirt.
  3. I haven't been back to milestone in probably about 4 months but i remember when i first started going I was afraid to even do everything on the vet track. Went on an off day and went on the pro track. Putted around for a while and built up some confidence. I soon realized everything on the track was pretty easy to do with an exception to the front 90+ however long table is there. You just need to find some rhythm. Do one jump at a time, I was scared to do the back little section before the finish line so i just sat and watched people go over them for about 30 mins from the outside of the berm. After finding someone with the closest riding style to mine i just followed him around the track, cleared everything perfect without even really thinking. Just sit and watch for a while and see what everyone is doing. I am no means a good track rider but i managed to do alright.
  4. I had a friend who built one a couple years ago. Turned out alright but he went through a lot of headaches and money to get it insured (for bikes inside). He said it would have been cheaper just to buy one to begin with.
  5. maybe your piston seized up?
  6. Honda

    well i took the fuel pump off and made a gravity feed tank. so theres gas in the carb i know that, i dont know if theres gas in the cylinder though. ill check it out tomorrow
  7. Honda

    I just picked up an 83 fl250 from my friends backyard that has been sitting there for like 8+ years. I cleaned the carb, cleaned the gas tank.. did everything that i thought it needed to get it started. Checked the spark has good spark, shocked me actually but you can see the spark jump across the plug so its fine. I took the top of the head off and i saw that the piston was all gummed up with oil so i cleaned the top of it and thought id try and fire it up. After breaking a sweat pulling the rope so many times, i gave up. I can't get this damn thing started. Im thinking that maybe the whole piston is gummed up and blocking the fuel from getting to the plug? it has good compression. Its a pain in the ass to pull the rope but i heard thats normal. I could have sworn the plug was wet when i pulled it though. Any suggestions?
  8. ive been ridng for about 3 years. Last month i laughed at my friend that ate dirt pretty bad and i said "Ha everybody gets hurt except me" next week i went out with my other friend and broke my wrist within an hour of unloading the bikes. Personally i think your bound to get hurt eventually unless you ride like a grandpa your whole life. Bones heal, shouldn't be on your mind the whole time your riding. go out and have fun
  9. well they might not be able to stop you riding out in beaumont but im sure riding into the side of a brand new house will. I give it a couple more years til its entirely level and 5000 new houses are put up. They already have it ready to put up houses off of the 60.
  10. did you just say beaumont is a horrible place to ride? what are you talking about? There are miles and miles of trails out there. If it was legal im sure it would be one of the best riding spots in So Cal. and i'd like to add that my friend got a ticket out there 2 weeks ago, so not a good idea to ride there anymore.
  11. i like everything but the rims. i think that is probably what he meant by it looking "retarded". They just dont mesh well with the truck
  12. i know my next purchase is a 07 yz450f. the white plastics just look sick and heard nothing but good things about it
  13. just be prepared to be riding one of the ugliest bikes on the road and not being able to corner like a 600/1000.
  14. i always seem to forget my riding socks. i hate riding in my half ankle short socks.
  15. well 6 weeks til my hardware(cast) is off but im prob gunna be a little weak. ill rephrase that and say 2-3 months til i feel normal riding again, because i know im hoping on the bike the day im able to fully engage my clutch