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  1. Could you give me more info on the jet kit? Thanx
  2. Thank you for your advice. I bought it in Moline Il. Had to drive 300 miles but the price was right. This dealer has one on ebay right now for same price. I did pay an additional 476.00 in Michigan tax and title.
  3. Just purchased brandy new 2008 KTM 530EXC-R for 7395.00 out the door. I am looking for opinions on breaking in this big bore thumper. Hasn't been started yet. I know there are advocates of wide open throttle (at low rpms)during break-in to seat the rings properly. KTM manual says absolutely no WOT during break-in. Also looking for info on rejetting since I'm sure it is leaned out to meet emissions. Most riding at 1000 ft above sea level. Please give me your sage advice. Ride on and ride hard!