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  1. N1atEcon

    '13 ktm 500 exc - gas mileage

    I get 80 miles out of a tank which is 128.7475 KM. And thats mostly 30 to 45 mph desert trails at 2500 to 8000 feet elevation.
  2. They would not be able to sell it as a street legal bike if it had "off road" tires on it. The high-quality KTM wheels with CNC-machined hubs are standard on KTM bikes. They are equipped with new, extremely stable, 7050 aluminum rims from GIANT and the spokes are now furnished with a premium black coating, representing an improvement in terms of corrosion resistance. New MAXXIS dual-sport tires - provide excellent traction, very precise directional control and a long service life.
  3. N1atEcon

    530 EXCR - too big?

    I have a 2009 530 exc. I am 72 inches and 155 lbs. I get 40 to 45 mpg and use mine for low alt desert to high alt MT. 1500 to 9000 feet. It can be a bit tall in tight slow stuff when you need to touch a toe but most dirt bikes/ enduros are going to be near that seat height. As for the power it is so strong and usable I have never had any issues. I have ridden some 250 and 400 cc two strokes that were really agressive when they hit the power band. The bike is deceptivly fast. It just cruises and sometimes I think "if I come off at this speed this is really going to hurt." As for the kick start: At my weight it can be a work out. I have kick started it maybe ten times to see if I could, Its not easy! Good luck
  4. I have owned both simultaneously. I sold the DRZ since I enjoyed riding off road more. They are both great bikes but the KTM with the same rider is a way better off road bike. If i was 75% street and 25 % off road I would have kept the DRZ but I am 90 % off road so it was easy for me.
  5. I am thinking about geeting a trail tech voyager GPS form my 2009 530 EXC. I may also purchase the protector case. My question is this: Will this unit fit with the stock speedo hr meter ect in place, or does it need to be removed? Any pics of one on a exc would be great. thanks.
  6. I have the 530 EXC plated in NV. I have never been pulled over. I think if they see the headlight on they know it's probably legal. A long time ago I had a street legal KDX in a 30,000 population city. I am not kiding when I say this: I was pulled over 21 times in two months. Never received one fine though. lol
  7. N1atEcon

    On a scale 1-10

    I do all my general maint myself. The valves are very easy to check and doing a shim adjustment is also quite simple.
  8. N1atEcon

    DR-Z around the world. Will we make it?

    Keep me posted if you need tires/oil changes ect if you go by Las Vegas. I have a good assortment of tools and lots of cold (high end) beer in the fridge. lol
  9. N1atEcon

    ttr 125 carbs

    Are you absolutely sure your pilot jet is 100% clean?
  10. N1atEcon

    Would it be poser-ish of me? SM decals on S

    If you think it will look cool do it. 99.99999% of the people on the planet will never know the difference.
  11. So my Neighbor and I (both on DRZ's) do this 2500 to 8000 ft climb to the top of Mt Potisi (SW of Las vegas). We stop to have lunch and enjoy the view for about 30 min. As it is time to leave I fire up my bike and as I start to turn around my bike makes this awful squeal from the left side of the engine as I let out the clutch and start to roll. My first thought is a major bearing went out now what? My buddy says maybe a rock got stuck someplace, "yeah right, that's it!" After some searching we found the culprit: A 1 by 1/4 by 1/4 rock fell between the case and the countershaft sprocket. Wheeewwwwhhhhh.... As I would roll forward it would pull in tighter from the chain movement. Looking back on it it was funny how I assumed the worse and he was all casual like "look for a rock."
  12. Wow! First off I wish I had that kind of time and second I wish I had a milling machine in my garage. Very cool!
  13. N1atEcon

    Where did this come from? (Head cover)

    The bolts that hold the cover on go through them. Look at the top of your valve cover.
  14. N1atEcon

    Trouble removing the front sprocket

    I had to buy a $14.00 gear/pully puller from AutoZone to get mine off.