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  1. I have a 2016 KTM with the Radius CX Clutch. Question is; has anyone ran their Rekluse using the Stock clutch cover?
  2. Been running it for over 500 miles on everything from rocky desert to Rocky woods. Even 50 miles of street and it has been great.
  3. 414Rides

    Hammer solves ECX-F sidestand self-retract

    Mine actually came with a spare to change out and get rid of that feature.
  4. 414Rides

    Help-Decel Pop is Horrible

    Thanks for the input. I checked all the smog stuff which was easy since I deleted it all. Everything is good, adjusted the TPS again a bit, the pop is less but I am still not happy with it. I will just have to set some money aside and get a vortex sooner than later. It really sucks that KTM locked the ECU. I am confused as too how I can reprogram my truck but not my bike.
  5. Backgorund: 2016 500EXC, smog delete and a PMB end Cap due to stock one getting damaged Issue: With the stock cap and just the smog delete I adjusted the TPS and all was decent. Never great but I wasn't complaining, to much. Put the PMB one on and redjusted the TPS a bit but could not for the life of me get rid of the damn POP on decel. The bike also seems to be running much hotter, boiled over for the first time last ride, exhaust is melting turn signal. I can't afford a Vortex or a JD kit right now, wife is fighting cancer so funds are tight. Riding right now is my escape.
  6. 414Rides

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    What trails to you take? I haven't ridden the forest that way in years. I have done tejon, frazier, snowy and piru before. I typically ride the desert but have been doing the arrowhead and silverwood areas more and more lately.
  7. 414Rides

    Krannie's 'Just Right ' Rides Thread

    How does one get on these rides?
  8. What is the range? I thought about it but when spread out can be a couple miles. How do they work in the woods or in the rocky canyons of the desert?
  9. I currently use a Rugged Radio setup for my helmet comms. I use it on longer rides or when I am riding with my daughter to help her learn. Anyways the PTT button in not only huge but also not very easy to place on the bars cleanly. I have been looking at the Highway Dirtbike switches and like the option they have and cheaper than ordering a perch mount, which doesn't look as clean. My question is, how hard is it to wire in the switch? Is it a matter of just removing the wires from the old PTT and soldering them on the new switch? I need to keep the RCA plug on the one end.
  10. Bill, I know this is an older post, but I am up for rides in the area. I am out of Corona
  11. 414Rides

    Metal shavings on drain plug

    Sorry for the delay in updating this post. Took the bike out and did an easy 40 mile loop with my daughter. Changed oil, nothing. Followed that up with another ride 100 miles and still good. Bike is running great and shifting fine. SO the mystery remains of what it is, but I am not tearing it apart just yet. After speaking with Chris at Blais racing I am a lot less concerned.
  12. 414Rides

    Dual Sport, Lake Matthews Ca area?

    I am in Corona, I would love to hook up and ride local with you guys
  13. 414Rides

    Metal shavings on drain plug

    Update: I removed and inspected my clutches, gears that are visible with out removing more than the clutch cover and refilled and drained the oil. I still have not found where exactly it is coming from but I am a little less worried. My best guess is it is transmission material. When I cleaned up the plug and looked at the true big shavings it was a lot less than it appeared. My plan is to put in new clutches, because they were a bit cooked. Take it for a short ride and recheck. If it comes out clean than I will just keep monitoring it. If it shows more signs of metal I will pull out the motor and take a better look.
  14. I have a 2016 500exc. I change the oil every two to three rides. Bike has a Rekluse and no other mods to the motor itself. This morning I went to change the oil and found metal shavings on the magnetic drain bolt, on the side of the motor, see picture. These are sharp shavings, I have never had anything other than what I would say is normal. I have been using Rotella since the second oil change, I have also ran it in every 4 stroke I have owned. Where could it come from? How much metal is too much?
  15. My kid was working on his DRZ 125 and while adjusting the valves he stated that he "accidentally" rotated the motor backwards. While questioning him on what he did, he said he had the lock nuts loose and wasn't paying attention and rotated the motor backwards. First, how bad is this?\ Second, what should I look for Third, do I need readjust anything?