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  1. I alredy have a 250sx 2T 05 mdl. rec reged. Most of my mates ride bush, & don't go track riding at all! I wanna ride with my mates (or you guy's if you'll let me) so a bike without limitations would be nice. The ? is do I put the $$$ in to the bikie I have or do I shell out for a newy???? I WOULD APPRECIATE YOUR THUOGHTS. Please do'nt turn this into a thread about MX'ers in the bush. Thanx. G Banger.
  2. i'm an upholsterer & i modify my seats trying to get the perfect fit all the time. Just mark the seat foam with a pen then use an electric knife to carefully cut it out, this works best when you are a short arse`like me as the seat hight will drop by about 2 inches. Do it carefully then just use 800 grit sand paper to get the final shape the way you want it. I will talk you through it if you like. Mr. Woo.
  3. Mr Woo

    Best 01-02 250 Stroke??

    They all RIP! You just have to find 1 in the right condition. When ...not if.... You do it will be worth it! MR WOO!
  4. it's about time I confessed! Iv'e got a 250SX & it is the best bike I could of got at the time. Power everywhere! I tried the YZ250 2005 mdl. & it just did not compare. I can't put in to words how happy I 'am with the KTM 250 SX. If you have'nt got one,,, You are missing out!!! There just too smooth with all the power everywhere. I havn't had that much of a go at a 4St. But Iv'e ridden a few 450F'S & nothing compares. MR. WOO>
  5. Mr Woo

    Things youve learned over the years

    that was my first post !!!!!` Woo HooooH
  6. Mr Woo

    Things youve learned over the years

    mk porn said it all!!!