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  1. The distance from the tongue to the axle is sooo short that I wonder if it would “wag” while running down the road. If it’s not too late, I would pass. As mentioned before, I would find a flat bed that can handle various duties.
  2. It’s the screw encompassed in the #5circle.
  3. Maybe the previous owners initials? Marking “his” cylinder to make sure he got the correct one back after re-plating.
  4. RM 85. Still bringing it back to its former glory. Decal kit has to go for something else. Getting ready to get swingarm and linkage redone.
  5. Well, found out the m/c shop isn't fond of swapping my stock spring for a BBR spring. I don't have a spring compressor nor do I and truthfully I don't know how anyways. I did bust out the 110 and street road it to get some break in time on it before work today. Fun stuff. The 70, found a new home too! Shock scenario is on hold for the immediate future.
  6. Thanks GBR. I need to get a new rear shock sooner or later and am going to have to get some feedback from fellow members in which one. I'm not ready to plop down $400.00~ on a Fox Float at least not at this time. I'll be reading posts about recommendations. Thanks.
  7. ... got my new '14 CRF 110. It's parked next to my '11 CRF 70. The 70 is the third one that I've owned and also had a couple of Chinese pits too in the past. This 110 is so much stronger than any of the Honda 70's that I've owned that I believe the 2011 will now have to find a new home as it feels really sloooooow!!! I've only test ridden a couple of laps at the dealership that I bought it from and brought it home and parked the new one. I'm moving right now and playing is not on the list as of yet. Anyways, hopefully here is a pic of them.
  8. It really sounds yo me like the valves are too tight. Intake is not closing all the way and might be causing that "wet" look.
  9. Thanks for the reference Much longer break in than I expected! I will listen for it to start clicking. Thanks again.
  10. A year ago I sold all three 70's (2000 XR, 2007 CRF and the little Lifan. Withdrawal pains became too great so I sold the dang "scooter" I just had to have and a few weeks ago bought a new '11 CRF70!!! So have about 3-4 hours or 3/4th of a tank through it and wondering just how much time (hours) should pass before adjusting the valves?? Booklet says 15 minutes of easy riding for break-in I believe. What do you guys think would be acceptable use-wise? Thanks. Tim. Oh yeah, woohoo!!!
  11. ...I'd say yes. I owned and rode XR/CRF70's for a number of years and had nothing but a blast on them. I'm 6'1" and 210# and they held up flawlessly. I never really felt cramped with them either. They were both stock except rear shock and heavier fork oil. I just switched to a CRF100 and am loving it too.
  12. ...but that is a very close impersontion of a Honda~~~ I wonder how close to the real thing the plastics are.
  13. ...I've got 6 qts. of Honda 10w40 left over from the XR/CRF70 days. Was hoping to be able to use them..........
  14. ...I don't have a manual yet, but are you 90% sure that the cam chain is adjusted WHILE the bike running? Thought I'd give a try to the method you described and see if the noise quit. Where is the location of the cam chain screw/locking nut on the CRF100? Thanks...