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  1. Ogrodnick

    DR350 Tag Bracket Re-Location

    I like that! Might have to hijack that idea for mine. good post!
  2. Ogrodnick

    Cigarette adaptor for DR650

    I just did a similar project on my 350. I tied into the tail light wires (soldered and shrink wrapped), ran the wires up the left side of the bike and then under the tank so that they come out right below the handlebars. I put two anti-vibrate, water resistant (blah, blah, blah) automotive style connectors on the ends so that I can move the 12v adapter from bike to bike and snowmobile..etc...so far so good. have not done any serious beating on it yet but they do not seem to vibrate out and where I have them placed seems to be keeping them dry.
  3. Ogrodnick

    Who has a Dr350

    Sorry..been neglectful of the dirt bike lately...spending all my time on the goldwing :-) http://develop.mypracticeplans.com/images/bike.jpg
  4. Ogrodnick

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    Those could come in REAL handy..
  5. Ogrodnick

    Baldwin - Little Manistee trail ride report

    I have a place near Irons and a lot of friends that hunt there, would have to agree that from 11-3 is probably safe...but there are always those few die hard guys out there you might run into..man..just not worth it too me. One stray shot at a moving deer. especially if the hunter is not sure where the trail is 'cause he came in from the back side, or a deflection..or just some angry drunk guy. no thanks.
  6. Ogrodnick

    Baldwin 11/4 or 11/5

    A friend and I rode parts Lincoln Hills and the top of the Little Manistee saturday (as well as a bunch of side roads). We had purchased some new MSR strike pants at Peacock first thing a.m. Best purchase we ever made...it was wet and geasy and generally miserable with all that snow on the ground and the ground not yet frozen. Was a blast!
  7. Ogrodnick

    DR got stolen

    condolences..and good luck. will keep an eye out on ebay and others for you also..
  8. Ogrodnick

    Dr 350 Service Manual?

    I believe this is what you were looking for..... in case the image doesn't resolve: 14.2 +- 1.0 mm (0.56 +- 0.004 in)
  9. Ogrodnick

    Dr 350 Service Manual?

    I have one.. will try to remember to look tonite at home and get that height for you..
  10. Ogrodnick

    Lincoln Hills

    hmm... I wonder if I saw you crossing Kings hwy... I was buzzing up Kings highway heading north..was whooped from riding, when I saw a KTM cross in front of me heading east..
  11. Ogrodnick

    Lincoln Hills

    What time were you out there Sndmn?? I rode the top of the loop in the AM...9:30 ish. Have spent the last 25 years riding street only, forgot how much fun (and work!!) it is to ride in the dirt. Still getting used to the sand. Need to get a better set of dirt tires. Ones on the bike now are 80/20 street.
  12. Ogrodnick

    Can anyone recognize these symptoms ?

    It runs fine (or at least better) with the choke on? I had the same symptoms on saturday. It was a clogged Pilot Jet. tore the carb down. Cleaned the bowl, found some varnish in the body. removed all of the jets and cleaned them put them back. bike ran like new again.