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  1. Both bikes are Identical 125 LE's. Only difference is the model years and price.
  2. So you are saying the "ONLY" changes that have been made in 4 years is Graphics and Seat? I am going to start to teach him to jump. He is already talking about Massive jumps, LOL. I was thinking about Hand guards (any recommendations) and maybe a few protective pieces, etc... What are some FREE Mods, if any? What are Must do Mods? Thanks
  3. This bike is for my 11 year old son. He is 5'3 80lbs and he sold his Honda 50 last summer. A local dealer has a brand new 2003 125 LE for $2,100 plus tax with full warranty. He also has a 2006 for $2,600 plus tax. Is there any reason to spend an extra $500 to get the 2006? Can someone tell me the differences between the years? Also, what Mods should I consider? We live on 10 acres plus have another 1,000 acres connected to our property that is heavily wooded. Thanks Mac