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    Back from Moab

    Where is Picture #36 (DSC03558) taken, is it also on the "Metal Masher" trail? And whats the trail down there at the bottom of the edge? Its fantastic views, in May I'll be there !!!
  2. Me and my girlfriend coming from Bonn in Germany and make our dream come true: visit the southwest of your wonderful USA for the whole May 2006. Both of us are riding dirtbikes (XR600 und DR350), usually in the mountains of france, italy and spain. I've read so mutch about riding in moab and also bought the book "Guide to Moab Backroads & 4-wheel drive trails" in witch i can find pretty much of fantastic trails to go for, also discussed here in this forum. We are doing our trip with a RV and planing to spend about 1 week in Moab (in the second half of may). So we have to rent a dirt bike there. But in www i only found Elitetours in moab. But the hell 350 bucks plus tax and landuse fee per day is to much. Don't need a tourguide cause of my GPS and good maps. So here's my question, hope you can help me: where can i rent a four stroke dirt bike (... wr450, xr650, DR400 ...) in or nearby moab for about 5 Days in may?? May be from a private person who wants to earn some bucks instead of leaving his nice dirt bike alone in his garage while he's off to work ? :-) Please help me, my dirtbiker heart will break if i'm in this offroad-paradise and wonderful nature and can't do some bike trails matthias from germany