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    Troubleshooting no Alternator output.

    I did, the battery was charged for a couple of hours at a low rate, when running the battery reads 14 volts. The service manual info states it should be 15volts? Then it states to measure the the continuity of the wire harness at the rectifier/regulator. Disconnect the connector and measure the harness side, yellow to ground, white to ground, green to ground and red/blk for 12volts. If all is good replace the Regulator. Still not sure thats what I need, a regulator? nor do I think the stator is bad, its got resistance, 1.8 ohms and 2.2 ohms on the two leads. but no 12 volts to the light, but I have 14 volts to the battery when running and it doesn't make any sense to me?
  2. I need help troubleshooting my alternator on my CRF450X, the other day I noticed the battery was going dead after starting it over and over when adjusting my carburetor, my float and pilot screw. After about a couple of hours of taking it apart and adjusting it and starting it over and over the headlight was dim, and the battery was going dead. When I finally got the carb adjusted correctly and it was idling I measured the voltage to the headlight and got very low voltage, after a while of checking the wiring harness for opens and shorted wires the out output went to zero. I figure the alternator must not be working at all now, but the bike runs fine, it must use a second winding in the stator to run the ign? I unplug the the stator and it dies, so its not running on the battery alone. I rode it all day Sunday and no problems, but my headlight never worked. I didn't run my battery down either? but I only used the starter a few times and that was it. My owners manual only shows the wiring diagram? and all is good with the wires.