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    Riding dirtbikes with my son and spending time with my family
  1. mlhend2002

    2009 KX 250F popping on Decel

    What the heck, why does my new KX 250f pop and backfiring on decel, out of the show room. I can see this happening on the bike after many hours of use, but brand new. I see this is a common problem with this model, make and year. What is Kawasaki thinking! What is the fix, please.
  2. mlhend2002

    Dynojet with a 2002 KLX300

    Thanks for all your help!!!
  3. mlhend2002

    Dynojet with a 2002 KLX300

    Do they make Boyesen QS2 Accelerator Pump Cover or a Scary Fast Powershot Accelerator Pump Cover for the KLX 300 for the throttle hesitation? If they do, could one of them be used with the dynojet to get even better response. Just a thought?
  4. mlhend2002

    Dynojet with a 2002 KLX300

    After removing the needlejet I discovered I have the "bad" California version with no clip. I live in Arizona, so being a 2002 KLX 300 the bike must have come from California to begin with. Instead of spending $25 on the new "good" needlejet, collar and clip I'm going to order a Dynojet. Does the Dynojet come with a collar and clip (I would think so)? Also, the bike starts easier/with fewer kicks and doesn't miss as much with the Silencer plate on. Is this because the bike is running leaner with it off? There definetly is more resistance and kick back with the silencer plate off. Hopefully I can run the airbox lid and the silencer plate off and not have the harder kicking. The Harder kicking makes me nervous with all the talk of Idle gear problems and I would leave the plate on if it helped preserve the gear.
  5. Like I said before, I recently bought my son a 2002 KLX 300. I can't tell you how much I appreciate this forum and all the help you guys have been in mods and general help...THANKS!! I have alot of know how when it comes to 2 cycles, owning alot of them, including a Kawasaki KDX 200 I have now, but very little about 4 cycles, specifically the KLX 300. I have read alot on this forum about the KLX 300 IDL Gear coming out of the factory out of alianment, breaking teeth and unleashing alot of engine hurt. Is there anything that can be done to help prevent this from happening, like tightining linkage, etc. I have heard the stroker replacement gear also broke and 2003 - ? KLX 300 IDL Gear still had problems. I have 5000 miles on my KDX 200 with no problems and original top end...things that make you say mmmm. I really do like the low end and smooth power delivery of the KLX 300 and really thought of switching bikes with my son, being I bought it. Thanks for the help!!!!
  6. I just bought my son a 2002 KLX 300 and I'm starting to do some of the mods this forum has mentioned. What a difference the few I have made so far. My questions is, what things should I keep an eye on his KLX. Are there know problems with the engine, brakes, etc. If so, what can I do to prevent/fix, or prolong the life of the "defective" part. Thanks again for your help for a KLX 300 Newbie!!!
  7. mlhend2002

    fsw pipe where to find one?

    This is the website I recently was given: www.fourstrokeworks.biz Boy, they have alot of services and products (mods) for the klx 300!!
  8. mlhend2002

    Dynojet with a 2002 KLX300

    Is this address correct, Fourstrokesworks.com, for a Header Pipe? Thanks!!
  9. mlhend2002

    Dynojet with a 2002 KLX300

    Darn, after spending about 3 grand on my son's bike, I think the wife will take my family jewels if I then turn around and buy a $500 (guess) aftermarket exhaust so I can buy/run a dynojet kit stage 2. Can I get away with removing the airbox cover, and exhaust plate and replace the airfilter with UNi and ,and still buy the dynojet kit. Will it run really crappy without the aftermarket exhaust? I have always bought FMF exhaust, how does this compare to the one mentioned?
  10. I bought my son a 2002 KLX 300 after his xr 200 broke a rocker arm and got eaten by his engine...bye bye. I love the bike, but like so many new owners wondered why the hesitation. Thanks so very much for the info on fixing this issue. I made the mistake of removing the snorkel and uncorking the exhaust by removing the end plate. It only made it more lean. I see one of the fixes is a dynojet kit. The reviews of those that have installed it appear very good. Does the kit for the KLX 300 come with both stage 1 & 2? Dynokit's website shows just stage 2 kits for the KLX 300, but shows 2 boxes, like there are 2 kits. Bikebandit has the kit for $58, but again shows just stage 2. After just buying the bike, the only mods I planned at this point are removing the snorkle, the exhaust plate and removing the plug from the crankcase breather hose. Do I need to make other modifications to the bike before I can get the dynokit? Also, what is the standard needlejet (132?) for a noncalifonia 2002 KLX 300. I was going to lower the clip to the 4th position from the top to help with the leaness until I get the dynojet kit. Is it ok to make the breather tube modification (remove the plug inside) before I get the dynokit or will this just make it more lean? Thanks in advance!!!!
  11. mlhend2002

    1985 XR 200 hesitation/hard to start..HELP please

    Would a simple leak around where the exhaust meets the engine cause the bike to lean out and make it hard to start? I replaced the rubber boot around where the carborator meets the engine, thinking there was a leak. The valves are still in specs and I just finished cleaning both carbs again with carb cleaner, paying close attention to the needles. No help! Please help
  12. About a year ago my son bought a 1985 XR 200. Because it smoked alot we replaced the the rings and valves that were worn. At that time we als cleaned the carbs (two). The bike started after a few kicks and ran great throughout the rpms with te air screw about 1 1/2 out. Then we moved from NC to AZ. To get the bike to run in the dry air of AZ I had to turn the air screw all the way in. Otherwise the bike had a bike hesitation in the middle RPMs. Now his XR 200 is a real pain to start. Does turning the Airscrew in richen the bike? Should I get a Richer pilot in that case so that I don't have the air screw all the way in? UI would think having the air screw all the way in would hamper the starting. Should the air screw needle have a sharp point on it or be slightly flattened on the end? One more thing, we can start his bike and ride it on our flAt dirt road fine, but after we load it on my pickedup, drive about 30 minutes to trails and start to ride, it has a bad bog/hesitation in the middle again. If we let it sit for about a day and drive it around our house again the bog is gone. Please help, Thanks for the responses!
  13. My son recently bought a 1985 XR 200. It smoked, but ran good. I just put it together after replacing the rings, valves and Manifold (cracked). I adjusted the valves and bought a new air filter for it. It runs great from about 500 rpms to the top, but has a real bad hesitation from idle to 500 rpms. The hesitation get's better if I turn the airscrew out, but it is still there after over 4 turns out. ( I was told it should be 1.5 - 2 turns out). I remember the airscrew controls from idle to low rpms, but couldn't remember where the needle valve with clip, pilot or main jet control in the RPMs. With the needle valve, should I move the clip from 3rd to say 1st position to make it lean. I also have a fresh sparkplug and gas. Being that the airscrew has to be turned out over 4 turns to run sort of OK at lower rpms I would think it is runnig too rich. I need to check the sparkplug. I also think the person before me who owned it made some adjustments to the carb to keep it running with all the problems it had with bad rings and valves.
  14. mlhend2002

    self-tapping oversized Oil plug

    I just purchased my son a 1985 xr 200 Motorcycle and discovered the oil plug is stripped out. I tried sealing it wth High temp. silicone (Temporary fix), but it still leaks. I have heard there are self-tapping oversized Oil plug for Motorcycles, but I don't know where to get them. I tried my local Honda shop, but he said they don't stock them. I believe I now have a 12 MM oil plug in his bike. Please help:smirk:
  15. mlhend2002

    1985 xr 200r Front Brake Cable

    I didn't know if there were Universal Brake Cables or after market like Motion Pro Front Brake, etc. Thanks