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  1. Post #6 above says "check engine oil when warm". The manual says "check engine oil when cold". Which is correct, and why? Anybody?
  2. Yes, for some reason KTM has gone back to the harder seats for 2008. My 2007 450XC-W was just perfect, really comfortable. I've been riding an '08 300XC-We for the last two months and my butt can't take it. Just today I ordered Enduro Engineering seats for both the 300 and the new 530. On the subject of change, pre '08 XC-W suspension has been referred to as being "softer" than the XC. I'm here to tell you that the '08 XC-W's are right up there on the firmness scale, I think right with the XC at least. Anybody else noticed this? I got the 300XC-We revalved and it made a HUGE difference in all areas of suspension performance. I think it is now the best offroad suspension I've ever had, and I didn't like it so well before, it was too harsh for me, deflected sideways on rocks and stuff. I've already made an appointment to get the 530 revalved next week.
  3. Sauceman, thanks for the lead to that thread on KtmTalk. Just what I was looking for.
  4. I should be picking up a new 530XC-W® this week. Has anybody run one long enough to know if they are bulletproof? Are there any special maintenance items I need to know about? I have lots of history with the previous generation 450's. Thanks for any advice.
  5. njndale

    2008 KTM XC-W & XC-W(e) report

    You guys aren't as old as me. In about 1970 Yamaha came out with the DT-1 250cc enduro, followed shortly by the AT-1 125cc enduro. They were both electric start. I had one. They were revolutionary at the time, light single cylinder 2 strokes, and from Yamaha you could buy a GYT kit and really soup them up.
  6. njndale

    Considering 2008 KTM 300 XCW?

    I have just made the change from a 2007 450XC-W, and have two long rides on my new 2008 300XC-We. I love the e-start on both bikes, being 54 yrs old it's a great thing for me. I'm still thinking about the differences, I still have warm feelings for the engine characteristics of the 450. The 300 has a wonderful 2 stroke engine though, and is substantially lighter. Engine is very linear and great torque, you can really lug it down. It's not a screamer. There is one handling characteristic that so far I think the 450 is better. That is when you are riding through a stretch of rocks, and the rocks range from baseball size to soccer ball size. It seems like the 450 would roll over these rocks better and hold a nice straight line. The 300 has a lighter feeling front end and seems to deflect from side to side more instead of rolling over them in a straight line so much. Maybe this is a natural characteristic of the lighter 2 stroke chassis, and I just have to get used to it. Or maybe some suspension tuning will help in this regard, I am currently investigating this option. On trails, though, the light front end turns more easily than the 450 did, and it's better on most medium to tight trail situations. The 300 is a great machine. It's a wonderful ride. For desert riding I'm torn right now as to whether it's actually better for me than the 450. In the woods I think the 300 is definitely the way to go. For what it's worth.
  7. njndale

    Pro Moto ?

    Yes, I did just install one of these on a 2007 450 XC-W. I put it on for the China Hat ISDE, because the stock exhaust was right at 100 dB on their meter, and they have a 99 dB limit. So I installed this, and it knocked it down to 92 dB on their meter. I was really happy with that. Only drawback was that it seems a bit spendy, but the the results were good. It made no discernable difference to the jetting or the power. It ran exactly the same before and after, as far as I could tell. I'm really happy with the product. I didn't use rivets, I took the time to drill and tap, and use the machine screws to install with loctite. Worked fine, but a bit more time consuming than rivets. In the end, I'm glad I did it that way though, looks a bit more professional.
  8. njndale

    KTM cool down

    I'm sold on the idea that the top bit of coolant will overflow when it warms up. I've just run lower coolant level (about to the top of the cooling fins), never lost any more fluid after that. Coolant recovery container would accomplish same thing, better actually. This on an '07 450 XC-W.
  9. njndale

    Ktm's Leaking Gas Cup??

    Why are you calling it a gas cup? Anyway, final cure is to buy the billet gas cap from KTM, part number SXS.05.250.700. (this fits the '07 450 XC-W, make sure the part # is correct for your model). For me, this has completely fixed an annoying problem. The only bad aspect of this is that it costs $53 and KTM shouldn't have had this problem in the first place. But I love the rest of the bike enough that I sort of forgive them this one blatant error in design. This billet cap has never leaked a drop and does not swell up and become difficult to remove.
  10. njndale

    450 xc new bike bog & gas cap?

    I have just installed the billet gas cap from KTM hardparts. This for me has totally cured all problems with the stock gas cap. No leaks, doesn't swell up and stick, it is the perfect solution, except the billet cap is $53.00 and that obviously KTM should not have had this problem in the first place. This was on an '07 450XC-W. The dealer had done jetting on the bike prior to delivery when brand new, it has always carbureted perfectly for me.
  11. njndale

    Gas mileage on an 07 KTM 450 XC-W?

    I still have the stock tank, and jetting was done by the dealer when he set it up new out of the box. I just checked my odo and fuel remaining from last ride, and my consumption is more like 30 mpg, not what I'd said before. This is from mostly 3rd to 4th gear type desert trail riding, and not in real deep sand or silt or anything.
  12. njndale

    Gas mileage on an 07 KTM 450 XC-W?

    Trail riding around China Hat (Bend) area I get 70 miles on a tank with some still left. I'm thinking 40 mpg. This is with a 2007 450 XC-W.
  13. njndale

    Ktm 450

    I've had an '07 450 XC-W for two weeks. 150 miles so far in Oregon desert and pine forest trails. The thing is great. I'd been riding a CRF250X. The motor on the 450 is wonderful, I'd been thinking it might be too much, but you can just stick it in 3rd or 4th gear and lug it around all day if you want to ride it that way. Lots of torque and bottom end, as well as good power on top. The 450 feels really light while riding. I rode it back to back with my son's 200 XC-W. The 200 has more precise steering in tight woods. 450 doesn't feel much heavier at all than the 200 while riding. 450 seems to push front end a little more in loose washy corners, the 200 steers through more precisely. As soon as the trail opens up a little bit, my opinion is that the 450 has a much nicer ride, really cushy through whoops, jumps, and especially is nice through rocky sections. Motor, gearbox, brakes, chassis are wonderful on the 450. Only small glitch is neutral is not easy to find when bike is hot and at a standstill. I usually find neutral while I am still rolling, before completely stopped. No issues at all stepping up to this from the CRF250X, it's a lot nicer ride.
  14. njndale

    Static wheel balance '07 450 XC-W

    I'd agree, the method described by Mr. Davies is close enough for dirt biking, and much easier.
  15. njndale

    Static wheel balance '07 450 XC-W

    I removed the wheels and used a balancing stand made by GP Suspension. The lead, of course, goes 180 deg. from the heavy side. Add/subtract weight to that spot until it balances at all 90 deg. positions. Easier than it sounds.